Golden Example of a Projection Fail

Golden Example of a Projection Fail

It doesn’t take advanced training in psychology to grasp the concept of “projection”—attributing your own flaws to your enemies as a weird way of  denying those flaws in yourself.

Liberal elites cannot stomach Donald Trump as the President-elect of the USA.  They cannot abide any notion that Trump won fair and square and for understandable and legitimate reasons involving the discontent of the American electorate building over the last 8+ years; they are convinced that Trump could only have won through Russian ‘hacking’ of the election, or ‘fake news’ or some other form of cheating.

Yet any serious observer of the American (and world) political scene knows that Russia, once the centerpiece of the Soviet Union, has always been a darling of the left—a misunderstood, well-intentioned haven of godless communism that extremist Christian conservative cowboys like Ronald Reagan unfairly and dangerously denounced as the ‘evil empire’.

Everything about the last 50+ years of history points to a strong Russian preference for the continued weakness of the United States under the “I’ll be more flexible after the election” Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party.  So the idea that the Russians wanted to influence the election FOR Donald Trump just doesn’t connect.

Enter the ‘golden showers’ scandal and the practice of projection!

In what has to be among the top ten most ridiculous fake news stories in American history, the mainstream media decided to run with an admittedly evidence-free story that Donald Trump, while in Russia, hired a bunch of prostitutes to urinate on the hotel bed that Barack and Michelle Obama slept in during a presidential visit to that country.

As stories go, it sure has the yuck factor; makes Trump into a pervert; and positions him as vulnerable to blackmail (since the Russians are said to have the video details).  So it’s a great pretext for explaining why Russia would want Trump to win.

And if Jonathan Gruber (Obamacare) and Ben Rhodes (Iranian nuclear deal) are examples of the liberal thinking that prevails in the halls of mainstream media, there is an operating assumption that the American people are terminally stupid and gullible, and will fall for any fake story if it is simply repeated enough.

We happen to think the American people are a lot smarter than Gruber and Rhodes; we also think among the blessings of the internet is the proliferation of citizen journalists and fact-checkers who can quickly detect and dissect a mainstream media narrative.  The result in this case is that the “golden showers” fake news is already understood as a transparent and desperate, last pre-inauguration hit piece on Donald Trump—and it reeks of liberal projection.

One of the most underreported aspects of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server (underreported by the mainstream media) was how vulnerable it made her to blackmail and extortion.

After receiving a subpoena, she apparently ordered the use of an acid-based treatment to wipe out 30,000 emails from recovery by the US government, but Wiki-leaks and others plainly demonstrated that those 30,000 emails were and are very likely already in the possession of any hostile government who wanted them, simply because of the ease of hacking her private email server.

Because of her sophisticated and deliberate effort to delete so many emails, she very obviously did not want them scrutinized by the American public…which means there’s no leap of logic required to conclude that a threatened disclosure by a hostile government of what she herself wanted destroyed could involve extortion or some other policy accommodation—favorable to the threatening government, and acceptable to Hillary, but very possibly without regard to the interests of the American people.

Irrefutable and admitted facts demonstrate that Hillary Clinton was and is plainly exposed to blackmail by Russia and others.  So why not deny, and change the subject by projecting that guilt onto Donald Trump?

Another underreported story (underreported by the mainstream media) involved Bill Clinton’s extensive, documented travel with Jeffrey Epstein on his “Lolita Express” to Epstein’s island, where underage women were paid to service them.

Bill Clinton’s open and rampant marital infidelity has been the subject of many ‘tell-all’s—not one of which has ever been denied or refuted (he seems to view them as a mark of his manhood)—and his cavorting with Epstein mark him as morally decadent as just about anyone in the public arena.

Bill Clinton is probably even a rapist, according to Juanita Broaddrick—yet Americans know that the amount of ink and pixels and bytes devoted in two weeks by the mainstream media in the effort to destroy  Donald Trump over his ‘puxxy’ comments exceeded 20+ years of excuse-making for that ‘lovable rogue’ Bill Clinton.

The effort to tag Donald Trump as ‘blackmailable!’ and a ‘sex pervert!’ is a case of liberal projection, which millions of Americans sensed at the outset.  Not surprising that the ‘golden showers’ fraudulent smear collapsed of its own transparency.

Paul Gable