Is the White House Itself Being Surveilled—by the Deep State?

Is the White House Itself Being Surveilled—by the Deep State?

In all the hullaballoo over the MSM’s recent report of Trump sharing classified information with the Russians, an obvious question with enormous implications is not being asked:  is the ‘leaker’ one or more rogue American spying agencies?

Americans have already witnessed Mike Flynn being taken down because what he reportedly told VP Mike Pence was inconsistent with transcripts of his conversations with the Russian representative.  Transcripts come from onsite stenographers, or recordings.

No MSM outlet reports Trump’s recent meeting with the Russians as having been attended by a cast of thousands or hundreds or even tens.  It was apparently attended by Trump, National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.  No stenographers.  Yet WaPo and others purport to be reporting exactly what Trump said and how it went off the prepared script for the meeting.

Sure, the MSM’s source could theoretically be anyone in the room, including Trump, McMaster, Tillerson or the two Russians (or their KGB agent/photographer).  And theoretically, one could concoct a motive for them to do so.  But reality speaks pretty loudly against those theories.

Isn’t a plausible and more likely explanation that the White House itself is constantly being monitored/surveilled—only now whatever the original reason for doing so has now morphed into a vehicle by which leftist holdovers in US intelligence agencies can spread transcripts of White House conversations that can be used to damage Trump?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

Paul Gable