Italian Intrigue is Not Going Away

Italian Intrigue is Not Going Away

Maria Zack sprang onto the world stage primarily with her January 6th interview on ACWT, in which she outlined what her organization had uncovered involving Italian interference in the US election.

She revealed an affidavit in which an Italian lawyer, Alfino D’Urso, confirmed the existence of testimony in Italy of a software engineer/employee of Leonardo SpA, Arturo Delio, who confessed to having used Italian military satellites to penetrate US election equipment and switch votes from Trump to Biden.

We wrote of this story on January 6th, here.

Since the time of her first interview and our first post, Congress certified the electoral college result, and Joe Biden has been sworn in as President.

Maria Zack has now done a second interview with ACWT, on January 21, 2021, which you can view here.

Interesting additional information from Ms. Zack in this second interview (all of which can be viewed on a new website, here):

  • She explains more about the stature of the Italian lawyer, Alfino D’Urso, who wrote the first affidavit. She says he is a ‘top-rated constitutional jurist in Italy’ who had been hired by her organization, Nations-in-Action, precisely because he would have credibility in reviewing the information her organization had assembled, including the testimony of Arturo Delio.


  • She indicated the ‘Italian story’ has received broad and repeated media attention in Italy, in substantial part because Mr. D’Urso is so highly regarded in Italy.


  • She refers to a second affidavit now produced by a US citizen living in Switzerland, about more of the ‘how it was done’ angle.  She indicates her organization is still vetting the information contained in it. You can read it here.


  • She attributes at least part of Italian interest in the story to suspicious results in Italy’s 2018 election, where an upstart Italian political party openly associated with communist China went from a 1% showing in previous polls or elections, all the way to 34%, in one step. Italians apparently suspected vote manipulation was at work in that election, and so the story of 2020 election interference in the USA by Italian ‘interests’ rings true to them.


  • She notes that similar doubts about election integrity have arisen in Ireland, where a recent abortion-related referendum went strongly and unexpectedly toward the pro-abortion side notwithstanding the pro-life Catholic presence that remains prevalent there. Similar voting equipment and software were utilized in Ireland as were used in Italy and the USA.


  • She indicates Mike Pompeo was informed to some degree of the Italian story while still serving as Secretary of State, and further suggests that Arturo Delio, the Leonardo SpA software engineer who allegedly ‘confessed’ to executing vote manipulation in the US on Election Night, may be in custody in the USA.


A very high number of emails to ACWT express frustration with the lack of concrete follow up to this story by anyone in official channels of US federal investigation and law enforcement.  This reflects the sad and very precarious position America finds herself in.

American voters who hate Trump and believe Biden received 80 million votes primarily because Trump was so deserving of hate will dismiss Ms. Zack with character assassination of some variety, and dismiss the Italian story as nothing more than conspiracy theory, unworthy of formal investigation.

American voters who don’t accept a virtually simultaneous five state shutdown of vote-counting on Election Night (when one candidate was ahead in all five) followed by a re-opening of vote-counting in the aftermath of impossible ballot dumps that made the other candidate into the victor, will see in Ms. Zack’s story a possible, at least partial explanation of what took place.  They will feel probable cause for a full investigation is clear.

ACWT cannot independently verify Ms. Zack’s information, and does not offer conclusions as to what she has proved or not proved.  We also have next-to-zero confidence that American law enforcement authorities are capable of operating without a political agenda driving what they are willing to investigate and not investigate.  And so the hope of getting to the bottom of what Ms. Zack has revealed remains faint.

But next-to-zero confidence and faint hope are not zero confidence and no hope.

Any American who loves America—even any ‘global citizen’ who loves western democracies—understands the foundational importance of election integrity, and can intuitively grasp the path of chaos, anarchy and destruction that lies ahead if in fact there is no longer any such thing, anywhere.  Surely there are still some such Americans in the FBI and DOJ.

But the greater hope of getting to the bottom of this may lie in the fact that the Italian story of election fraud involving the USA is now worldwide.  Italian media are apparently all over it; Switzerland is, too, in response to the second affidavit mentioned by Ms. Zack; and to some degree so is Ireland.  It may not matter what the FBI and DOJ will or won’t do; the truth may out itself elsewhere.

Because the outrage felt by ordinary ‘citizens of the world’ is almost surely not primarily about any personal like or dislike of Donald Trump.  It’s about outrage at unelected, unaccountable ‘forces’ that seem to be at work to manipulate elections.  That is not an outrage that will be tempered by invoking a ‘move on’ mantra in the USA.  Because it’s about the survival of freedom and democracy among mankind—which is what the whole election fraud debate ought to have been about in the USA.

All lovers of America and of democracy should support Ms. Zack’s efforts to get to the truth, no matter where it leads.   Even Joe Biden.  Because if Biden was the real winner, an investigation can only help him.  If a real investigation proves otherwise, America and Biden and the US House and US Senate will find themselves at an historic, character-revealing fork in the road.

But that’s a subject for another day.

Ms. Zack seems credible and earnest; she seems convicted that her concerns are not partisan but are for the greater good of election integrity; and she has an aura of fearlessness and determination.  We wouldn’t bet against her.