J6 Truth Will Come Out

J6 Truth Will Come Out

Michael Shellenberger, like Dr. Naomi Wolf, is a former proud liberal.  His initial domain was environmental; he was a zealot for climate alarmism.  He now sees it for the scam it is.  And as he has awakened to the truth of the climate change scam, he has found his voice to speak out against fraud and deceit wherever found.   He’s now speaking up about J6 on X.  Good for him, and for America.  The truth will out.

BOMBGATE: This Video Proves FBI Is Covering Up The Truth About The January 6 “Bomb”
We must be blunt: the FBI is a dangerous, politicized, and rogue agency that must be brought to heel
The US Department of Justice has charged over 1,200 people with federal crimes related to the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot.  In order to convict those individuals, the DOJ has relied heavily on 14,000 hours of surveillance video as well as cell phone data, some of which somebody leaked to the New York Times.


“The data we were given showed what some in the tech industry might call a God-view vantage of that dark day,” wrote Charlie Warzel and Stuart A. Thompson in 2021 in the New York Times. “It included about 100,000 location pings for thousands of smartphones…While there were no names or phone numbers in the data, we were once again able to connect dozens of devices to their owners, tying anonymous locations back to names, home addresses, social networks and phone numbers of people in attendance.”


The New York Times authors had less cell phone data than what the FBI had available to it. And yet, amazingly, the cell phone and video surveillance data of the suspect who committed the worst crime on January 6 are, according to the FBI, corrupted and/or missing.


And what was the worst crime? The attempted assassination of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris while she was at the Democratic National Committee.


In other words, while the FBI had cell phone data for the January 6 protesters, none of whom tried to kill anyone, it doesn’t have the cell phone data for the one person who did.


And while the FBI had 14,000 hours of high-quality surveillance video for the January 6 protesters, it somehow does not have any video of the suspect actually leaving the bomb. Nor does it have high-quality video, including from the best angles, of the suspect.


That’s an unbelievable coincidence.


And it gets worse.


Last year, the person who was in charge of the FBI investigation, the head of the Washington Field Office, admitted to Rep. Thomas Massie that the Vice President’s life was never at risk.


Massie: Do you think it was technically possible for a kitchen timer –
Steven D’Antuono: No, no.
Massie: — that has 1-hour duration —
D’Antuono: No.
Massie: — to detonate a bomb 17 hours later?
D’Antuono: No, I don’t. And I saw the same kitchen timer as you. I agree. I don’t know when they were supposed to go off. Maybe they weren’t supposed to go off. We can’t — we don’t know. We honestly don’t know…


Neither the FBI nor the DOJ ever announced that they had changed their mind about the bomb. Nor had they, or Harris, or anyone else, ever said publicly that Harris was at the DNC until late 2021, which is shocking since had January 6 protesters truly tried to kill the Vice President, an ambitious politician in her right mind would have milked that fact to maximum effect for years to come. In the case of the Vice President, it’s the kind of thing that might have earned her the presidency.


Enough is enough…