Jeffrey Tucker – Implausible Conspiracy Theories…or Not?

Jeffrey Tucker – Implausible Conspiracy Theories…or Not?

Jeffrey A Tucker is a serious thinker who keeps inquiring about and pondering what has happened and is happening in America and the world…and is starting to understand why it is so hard to accept. 


For those of us schooled in the persistent incompetence of government to get anything right, much [less] deploy a plan with anything like precision, elaborate conspiracies theories of plots and schemes always seem implausible.

We just don’t believe them.

This is why it took me so long to see the fullness of what was deployed in March 2020, a scheme that combined a plethora of seemingly disparate governmental/industrial ambitions including:

1) rollout of subscription/platform model of Pharma distribution,
2) mass censorship,
3) election management/rigging,
4) universal basic income,
5) industrial subsidies to digital platforms,
6) mass population surveillance,
7) cartelization of industry,
8) entrenchment of administrative state power,
9) crushing of ‘populist’ movements worldwide, and
10) the centralization of power generally speaking.

To top it off, all these efforts were global in scope.

This whole model truly stretches the bounds of plausibility. And yet all the evidence points to exactly the above.

It just goes to show that even if you don’t believe in conspiracies, conspiracies believe in you.