Lady Draza has a Dream

Lady Draza has a Dream

Draza Smith, or ‘Lady Draza’ as she is more widely known, is one of the patriot technology wizards who have uncovered and explained the election fraud of 2020.  The ruling class may pretend not to know her, but her strong intellect is obvious, and her cruise control analogy stands.

Our favorite of this patriot group remains Dr. Douglas Frank, but Lady Draza is onto the right, fearless spirit.  From her Telegram channel:

I have this dream – that someday the history books will read: “In late 2021/early 2022, the Secretary of State of ___________, ___________ __________, took charge and launched a full investigation into the voting in their state. Through their bold efforts, it was discovered how the votes were being manipulated and the elections were returned to the people and the US regained its Republic.”

Which Secretary of State wants to fill in the blank as a hero and which ones want to be proven guilty of crimes against their own citizens?

Smith, Frank and others have the receipts regarding the 2020 election fraud, and millions of Americans know it.