Message to Conservative Elites on Election Fraud

Message to Conservative Elites on Election Fraud

The more anyone objectively looks at the evidence that has emerged regarding the November 3rd 2020 election —even without a formal law enforcement investigation using search warrants and subpoenas—the more obvious it is that the presidential election was stolen.   Patrick Byrne’s account is enough, but there are many others.

No one is going to step up with a straight face and argue that 81 million Americans voted for:

  • The US Capitol encircled by fences, barbed wire and soldiers
  • Open borders
  • Packing the Supreme Court
  • Legalizing essentially all prominent forms of election, ballot and voter fraud
  • Encouraging transgenderism among minor children as a thing to be medically addressed
  • Dissing Israel and re-embracing Iran
  • Re-embracing pro-China trade policies and practices
  • Incurring debt-financed spending at unimaginable, unsustainable levels under utterly false labels of ‘covid relief’ and ‘infrastructure’
  • Defunding American police
  • Impugning the entire country with the accusation of systemic racism
  • Treating ‘white supremacy’ as if it were a pervasive aspect of American society instead of a tiny fringe element
  • Designation of conservative-leaning American patriots as domestic terrorists
  • Imposition of gun control via executive order
  • Creation of Washington DC as a fifty-first state

Yet every one of these items is being pursued with the reckless zealotry and frantic pace of a revolutionary-driven overthrow attempt that shouts ‘we got away with stealing the election; let’s destroy this country and its constitution before anyone wakes up to stop us’.

This is why the American people are restless and angry.  They know with their own eyes and ears that none of the bulleted items above were hotly debated and contested during the presidential campaign.  They know there was no 50/50 split of the electorate on these issues that was then slightly tilted by a few random shady dealings into a narrow win for Biden.  They saw and felt a landslide expression of the will of the American people opposed to all of the foregoing that was nullified by massive, organized, criminal fraud.

Yet what are they hearing from the so-called conservative elites—politicians, consultants, decades-old punditry voices, and think tanks?

If there is any single message these elites are delivering, it is to shut up about election fraud, and then to issue rallying cries to the common folk to summon ‘courage’ and traditional activism to fight the good fight of policy debate with good new candidates and ‘go get ‘em’ in the 2022 elections.

That’s because the high-end consultants and much of the donor base of the ‘right’ are currently comprised of people and organizations who are either not convinced of the election fraud (because they are unwilling or technologically incompetent to objectively evaluate it) or, much more often, don’t really care about the subject because they are not particularly bothered by its outcome, due to antipathy toward Donald Trump.  (A third possibility, that some of them know of and are in on the fraud and are due to take their turn in the charade next time, feels sickeningly possible).

The personality of Trump is not the issue.  For the American people as a whole, the stolen election—as evidenced every day by the obvious helter-skelter, breakneck race to impose a radical leftist agenda in its aftermath—is the functional equivalent of the destruction of the country.

When the election integrity legislative initiatives in the aftermath of November 2020 are timid and leave the elephant in the room—vulnerability of voting machines to hacking/manipulation—not squarely addressed, the American people know in ways the elites apparently do not, that traditional campaign battles over policy will become utterly and permanently irrelevant and futile.

If election results are fixed, it simply does not matter how many voters or even legislators are persuaded by the rightness of a conservative policy.  If those who control elections don’t like that policy or those legislators, it doesn’t matter what the voters like and want and vote for.

If 75-80 million Americans can turn out in support of the MAGA agenda, only to have every bit of it defiantly ignored, undermined and even countered by its opposite because of a stolen election, there simply is no future for America unless and until the elephant in the room is directly addressed.

It’s time to do more to act with the real courage needed to correct this horrific crime done to America and all Americans.  Doing more starts with devoting time and dollars to the people and organizations who will stand courageously and speak and demand the truth on this profoundly pivotal issue for America and even for the future of the free world.

Today’s conservative elites are not equal to the task.  Others will be found who are.


The American people

(And btw, if you have 20 minutes, Patrick Byrne’s speech this past weekend on “Why We Fight” is a brilliant historical/philosophical review of why America is different…and why everything in America is at stake, right now, because election integrity is at stake).