Neil Oliver – Seeing the Patterns

Neil Oliver – Seeing the Patterns

Adults paying attention have sensed for a long time that nothing about the pandemic or the pandemic response (up to and including January 2022) has seemed ‘normal’ or natural.  Too much about it seems orchestrated, hyped, planned, sequenced.   Such adults keep wondering who to believe, who to trust, to make sense out of all we are watching.

Listening to the oral arguments at the Supreme Court regarding the vaccine mandates, trust in America’s ruling class to discern and explain it all–to the extent trust exists at all–goes flying out the window.  The justices showed astonishing ignorance of actual CDC data; and counsel for the Biden administration stunningly stuck to a narrative that we are still in the middle of the most catastrophic black plague in the history of the world, with vaccines the only way out.  This narrative is flat out, demonstrably false.

Enter Neil Oliver, interesting and insightful commentator based in the UK.

As Sundance explains on his post, Oliver sees patterns that start to put everything together–Build Back Better, the World Economic Forum, the pandemic, world leaders nearly simultaneously pushing the theme that the vaccine-hesitant are sub-human–and the contours of the lefitst agenda take shape.  The masters of the universe in this era are executing a great reset, intending to leverage a man-created pandemic to lockdown and ultimately break the world’s use of fossil fuels, break America’s freedom and free market system, and create a modern-day version of corporate-driven fascism by which the self-appointed leaders can create and direct wealth as only they know best…all in service to the great god of climate change.

Omicron, however, has messed everything up, because it is very mild and seems to dissipate and go away about as fast as it arrives on the scene and creates big numbers of ‘cases’.  And so before the whole fear construct collapses, and the people around the world become too restless to control, the leftist leaders must step in with one final attempt to create a bogeyman–the unvaccinated–to justify continued lockdowns, masks and broad- based economic strangulation.  The great reset is going to crumble if fear and anger and hatred at something  cannot be kept at a fever pitch.

Before you say or think ‘conspiracy theory’, listen to Oliver…and read Klaus Schwab’s book:  “Covid-19: the Great Reset”…and read Dr. Peter Breggin’s “Covid 19 and the Global Predators – We Are the Prey“…and read Michael Rechtenwald’s “What is the Great Reset?

They may not put everything together in the same way as Neil Oliver, but the raw material they present makes it impossible NOT to see that this pandemic was planned and is a tool for implementing an agenda.  And the good news is, the more people who see it as planned and part of an agenda (and not remotely about bona fide health considerations), the more resistance there will be to any and every aspect of ‘official’ action.

As the oft-used metaphor points out, once you can see the strings on the marionettes, you can never unsee them.  You can still watch the play, but you won’t get played into believing something that isn’t true.

The world is waking up, and that’s a good thing.