ObamaGate & CoronaGate – The American Spirit will Prevail

ObamaGate & CoronaGate – The American Spirit will Prevail

ObamaGate and CoronaGate are about the future of freedom in America. They are not about the personality of Donald Trump. They are not about the skin color of Barack Obama. They are not about Republicans and Democrats. They are about the American spirit behind the up or down choice Ronald Reagan spoke of.

Up’ in support of individual freedom and responsibility under God, or ‘down’ to ‘a thousand years of darkness’ under the rule of men. It’s that stark, and the American people are starting to sense it. And they have enough power to force the right course correction if they will act on that spirit and take to the streets figuratively, and in many cases, literally.


The crimes committed by Barack Obama and his leftist cabal in pursuit of delivering the election to Hillary Clinton and, having failed at that, in attempting to orchestrate the ouster of President Trump, represent the utter desecration of American ideals of law enforcement and justice. “Bigger than Watergate” doesn’t begin to capture the magnitude of the evil and corruption.

The knowing complicity—i.e., the co-conspirator role—of the mainstream media in this corruption makes it even bigger, and darker. The MSM apparently has lost any semblance of an institutional conscience, and will not clean house of the ranks of reporters and editors who sold out every concept of honesty and objectivity and fairness to join the cabal plotters to get Trump.

Freedom requires the rule of law. It requires the presumption of innocence, probable cause before search warrants, due process rights for the accused, and a justice system devoted not to convictions but to justice. It requires above all universal respect for the existence and relevance of truth.

Every one of these ‘rule of law’ elements that are critical to freedom were willfully tossed aside or chillingly and arrogantly violated by the Obama-led cabal.

General Michael Flynn is an innocent man who disagreed with Obama about the threat of Islam and that made him a criminal in the eyes of the Obama administration, most especially including Barack Obama himself. But the American people, known to the Obama cabal as idiot Walmart shoppers, would have trouble stomaching such tyrannical behavior by a President with such a carefully managed above-the-fray public image. So the cabal had to create a crime that the MSM could run with and make the Walmart shoppers understand. How about: General Michael Flynn was a liar and a Russian agent!

And when their own setup interview of Flynn—with no due process warnings—actually left the interviewers believing Flynn was in fact innocent of any wrongdoing and not lying, the higher up cabal fixers deliberately changed the wording of the interview agents’ summary (the infamous FD 302) to create a basis for alleging wrongdoing—and to this day have refused to produce the unedited original FD 302.

In other words, the Obama cabal framed Flynn; they withheld evidence of innocence from the court; they lied to the court about having produced all evidence as required by law. And the original FD 302 remains unproduced; they are still lying today. “Rogue” does not begin to describe the perpetrators of this fraud; these are the actions of an organized crime syndicate operating under the names DOJ and FBI.

Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell do not want any part of any effort of any kind to hold Barack Obama accountable in any way. Beltway wisdom says that’s the third rail of all third rails; it just can’t be done.

And AG Barr so far seems unwilling to do the massive housecleaning that is needed; he’s apparently stuck on the belief that the ‘beloved institutions’ can be saved instead of burned to the ground (though Emmet Sullivan should have disabused him of that).

Take it all together, and even Kurt Schlichter—one of the most insightful and red-blooded American patriots writing today (and writing with terrific wit and sarcasm)—concludes there will never be accountability for any of the perpetrators of ObamaGate.

We disagree.

The American people know that there must be accountability for this level of crime against America and the Constitution, or they will have lost their country. And no matter what set of rulers/officeholders are in place in America at any given time, and no matter how pathetic the function of MSM ‘journalism’ may be in any era, it is the spirit of the American people—who intuitively grasp the spirit of America—that will not consent to losing the country.

As off-key as it may sound in 2020 to speak of the ‘spirit’ of anything, spirit is a thing, it does matter, and it does move men and mountains. And not even George Soros will ever figure out a way to defeat it or outsmart it.

The American people are absolutely fed up with being called racist, especially by a man they elected President. They resent being slandered by the MSM trying to tell them none of ObamaGate would matter if Barack Obama were white.

So accountability is coming. Hard to predict the exact form or exact timing. And as to Obama himself, whether the American people would go all the way to supporting jail for Obama isn’t what’s important; what’s important is that the truth of what Obama did be laid bare in blunt terms before the world.

Will the American people literally have to take to the streets to impose accountability for the perpetrators of ObamaGate? Such a step is much more likely to be necessary in overthrowing CoronaGate, which will be the subject of a post later this week.

The force of Sidney Powell’s character may be enough for ObamaGate; she’s not going to pull any legal punches in demanding Michael Flynn’s exoneration. Her efforts by themselves just may make it impossible for AG Barr/Durham to avoid taking action to impose wide-ranging accountability. (And if AG Barr won’t act, maybe he’ll soon be replaced…by Sidney Powell.)

So stand by for accountability for ObamaGate. The American spirit is going to make it happen.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?