Pelosi Strikes Again: “You’re just going to have to ask the virus”??!!

Pelosi Strikes Again: “You’re just going to have to ask the virus”??!!

Whether by arrogance or ignorance, Nancy Pelosi has contributed two of the most revealing quotes of this era of American history—explaining everything that is wrong with the ruling class…and unwittingly explaining the rise of Donald Trump.

  1. Pelosi in 2010: in response to questioning about Obamacare–

“You need to pass it (Obamacare) to find out what’s in it”

  1. Pelosi in 2021: in response to questioning about how much longer will Americans see unfathomable trillion-dollar spending plans that bankrupt the country and dismantle freedom and free markets in America–

You’re just going to have to ask the virus


Americans of a certain vintage have known since their sixth-grade civics class that the American system of government is not supposed to have legislatures pass laws in order to find out what’s in them.

Americans of every vintage ought to instinctively rebel at that notion, as it makes a mockery of the intended legislative process followed by the elected representatives of the people.

Nancy Pelosi, perhaps unwittingly, exposed the farce that today’s ruling class has made of the idea of representative government.  But we say ‘unwittingly’, not because she wasn’t aware of what she was saying, but because she had no awareness of how deeply offensive her words and attitude were and are to an enormous segment of Americans.

The legacy media provides cover for such attitudes, endorsing a breezy chuckle and a knowing ‘get real’ nod among the cognoscenti who know how things really work.

But it isn’t funny to most Americans.

Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse has written extensively on this topic (worth reading), and frequently sums up the reality of where America is with this tweet:

The simple truth is America’s Congressmen rarely if ever know what’s in any bill on which they vote.  They know which lobbyist with what reputation has drafted it; they know which groups with what campaign funding clout support it.  And for the most part they ask how their party leaders want them to vote, and they vote as directed.

We’ll never be able to quantify it, but Nancy Pelosi’s comment about Obamacare was enormously powerful in paving the way for the election of an outsider to the Presidency in 2016.


We’ll have to wait and see as to the impact of Pelosi’s ‘you’re just going to have to ask the virus’ as to future government policy.  But our guess is that she has stoked Americans’ resentment of the ruling class to new highs, and in the process is giving away the game that was and is the 2020-2021 ‘pandemic’.

Yes, people have gotten sick and far too many have died unnecessarily, but covid-19 was never the bubonic plague (therapies are abundant and validated) and the activation and sustainment of lockdowns and related orders in response to it was never a matter of genuine concern about public health or a noble institutional imperative of ‘following science’ to protect public health.

It was and is a political tool for accomplishing a ‘great reset’ of American society away from free markets with free people having a central faith in God rather than government, to a government-controlled, government-directed secular society that places people back into their historical role as ignorant, dependent masses waiting to be told what to do by hierarchies of men and women.

In summary terms, it’s a tool for destroying America as founded.

And it’s been working exactly as designed.

Which is exactly what Pelosi’s quote so vividly demonstrated:  all government policy and action shall be defined by reference to the almighty, all-controlling virus and its mysteries and threatened mutations and variants.

Any notion that free people (and free doctors) can decide how best to take care of themselves and their patients and loved ones is antiquated and ignorant—simply a ‘Neanderthal’ notion that is not up to speed with the dangers of viruses in the 21st century.

There are no choices or tradeoffs to be intelligently weighed by informed, free people; there is one way and one way only.  We ask the virus, and we do what it says.

Pelosi’s flippant remark will be exposed and rejected over time.  To state the obvious, the virus isn’t a mind; it doesn’t talk.  As Dr. Scott Atlas and so many more have made clear, there is more than one view of the best way to deal with it, and many of those ways honor, respect, uphold and depend upon continued reliance upon the framework of Constitutionally defined rights and responsibilities of limited government and free people.


Pelosi’s Obamacare remark fueled the rise of Donald Trump; who knows what her second may provoke?

There is a growing awakening spreading across the country that the pandemic is actually over, and has been for quite awhile, but the leftist overlords are not through leveraging it for political ends.

Throwing tea in Boston Harbor may look like child’s play compared to what an awakened American people might do when they fully realize how much they have been played.  Pelosi has tipped them off, again.