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I hope all of you enjoyed a beautiful and gratitude-filled Thanksgiving!


This past week Dr. Douglas Frank joined me in studio to discuss one of the most important threats facing America. His point can be captured in one of the slides he created and that he shared during our interview, which I’ve pasted in below and will explain in a moment. 


This graph provides nearly irrefutable evidence that our entire election system in America is rigged. I’ve explained this below, but first, two quick points.

     Not just Wisconsin.  This below graph happens to be about the state of Wisconsin, but Dr. Frank has painstakingly researched and recorded and created similar graphs revealing similar wildly inexplicable voter registration anomalies in numerous other states. 

    Not just voter registrations. The below data relate to voter roll registrations. Other graphs and data Dr. Frank has developed refer to reported voter turnout divided by age and county (described in this post).  Voter turnout graphs also reveal “this ain’t natural” stark and precise parallels between counties within each state, which indicate the use of an algorithm, and not votes, driving reported voter turnout numbers.


What he has uncovered is literally monstrous. Once you grasp what he is revealing, you will never think about elections the same way again. And you just may become motivated to get (more) involved in fighting for honest elections.

So what does this slide mean? 

This is a graph. Each colored line on that slide represents one county in the state of Wisconsin. It’s a timeline running across the bottom,  starting with November of 2009 at the far left, and November of 2021 at the far right, a 12 year span. The data points forming each colored line on this slide are the number of registered voters in each of the counties, so as the lines go up they are reflecting that the number of registered voters increased, meaning more names were added to the voter rolls, and when the lines go down the graph is telling you that that the numbers of registered voters decreased, meaning names were removed from the voter rolls.


One point appears to make sense in this graph. That is that as election years approach (presidential or midterm), the number of registered voters goes up, which could logically reflect that as an election is upcoming people want to vote in it, so they register. 


What doesn’t make sense in this graph? 


First, why does this graph reveal so many “downs,” meaning why do so many people supposedly actively withdraw their names from the voter registration rolls shortly after each election? Even if we assume that the uptick in registered voters is legitimate and due to the choice people make to register so they can vote, WHY the dramatic downtick, why are so many people supposedly actively pulling their names out of the rolls right after elections? They could just choose not to vote in the future. There’s no reason to actively remove your name from the rolls, unless of course you move away or die, but these numbers are too large and too dramatic to reflect only natural attrition. 

To paraphrase Dr. Frank “that ain’t natural..”


Second, and by far the most important, is this. WHY are all of these ups and downs so precisely parallel? What could possibly explain, in all of these counties, that the trend was exactly the same, for 12 years? Why would each and every county experience almost exactly the same trend, the percentage uptick in registered voters and then removal of registered voters, over and over, with precision? 

The only logical answer is that the content of the voter rolls is manipulated and not natural. Someone, or some algorithm, appears to be adding and removing voters. Artificially inflated voter rolls provide a playground of opportunity for those who would steal elections via the use of mail in ballots to cast a vote for these “phantom” voters.


Dr. Frank has mountains more evidence of manipulated voter rolls and other extreme election anomalies for which there is no rational explanation. AND he has a plan for how to fight this kind of fraud … which he explains in our interview. I strongly urge you to listen to it, here.


Someone asked me recently why I talk about election fraud on my show so much, especially as many have “moved on” from this issue. The answer is that unless we fix it, nothing else matters.  If our elections are manipulated, We the People are no longer the Sovereign. It matters because all the campaigning and speech-making and door-knocking and campaign donating are utterly irrelevant … we will have lost control of our country and our freedom and our rights.  Those ascending to and cementing their unelected power over us do not intend to honor our freedoms and rights. They do not believe in the constitution, the Bill of Rights, or the foundational American principle of self-governance, and ruling with the consent of the governed. They believe only in perpetuating their own power. 

THAT’s why I keep talking about it, because I want the principles of honest elections, self-governance via democratically elected government in our republic, and the role of We the People as the sovereign, to be honored forever.


Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters.


I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!