My Very Fine Friends,


     Over my last three Monday shows, (my Deep Dive Mondays), I have urged listeners to see the extreme challenges America is facing as not merely isolated problems, but as individual battlefronts in the larger war to end America as a sovereign nation state. 


     The issue battlefronts include (but are not limited to):

  • The complete abandonment of border security
  • Growing threats of covid lockdowns, mandates and passports, undermining the very concept that Americans have the right to live in freedom
  • Increasing censorship of speech and criminalizing of free speech
  • Dangerous, reckless and feckless foreign policy
  • Astronomical, preposterous, bankrupting, spending proposals
  • Public education centered around teaching children to hate America and freedom (and each other, based on skin color), and to love socialism and Marxism
  • Politicizing the January 6 episode in Washington into an “insurrection”  and prosecuting peaceful Americans for “parading” violations, despite the FBI’s acknowledgments that no weapons were found AND that there is no evidence of a coordinated attack, all for the purpose of shutting down all political opposition to the ruling class, and frightening opponents of the Democrat ruling class into silence and submission (yes, the handful of violent acts on Jan 6 should of course be prosecuted)
  • ESG and forceful imposition of the leftist agenda on free markets
  • Weakening the American military via infusion and imposition of the critical race theory and social justice agenda in the place and at the expense of military readiness and cohesion
  • Legitimizing Marxism and its freedom-ending ideology and mission, and more. 


   Among the MOST important points to remember as you review the above list of battlefronts. ALL of these battles represent conscious choices by the ruling elite. NOT ONE of them has been forced upon this administration. ALL are avoidable disasters IF the administration wanted to avoid them. They did not have to abandon the southern border, they chose to. They did not have to abandon our troops and their supporters in Afghanistan, they chose to. They did not have to threaten free speech about election integrity, they chose to. 

     At the June 2020 World Economic Forum, globalists openly admitted that they saw the emergence of covid-19 as a vehicle to push their Great Reset which is intended to end the sovereignty of individual nation states, and impose global control over the world with power held by a small ruling elite. One of the most telling statements made in support of this WEF globalist agenda was “you will own nothing, and you will be happy.”

     The WEF calls it the Great Reset. You can call it the Great Reset, the New World Order (NWO), Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, or any other trendy name. It’s all the same idea.

     In one of my shows this past week I explained in some detail that the Biden administration’s actions in policy after policy are the actions of an administration that is 100% behind the globalists’ Great Reset agenda. I called the segment Biden’s American Reset.

     In short, you just don’t take the actions this administration is taking, unless you are trying to destroy America, as a sovereign country. It is that simple. 

     America is wide awake to the fact that Joe Biden is suffering severe cognitive decline and is not really running the country, which makes the whole situation we face in America even more alarming. Because we do not know who is really driving this American Reset away from freedom and toward socialism, and communism eventually.

     It helps to get over the hump of disbelief that our elected leaders could actually be embracing the ending of American sovereignty, to recognize that globalists, WEF leaders, NWO activists, ALL would claim that they are supporting this agenda because they think it is the best thing overall for the world and all people.  Globalists support these ideas because they believe the world would be better off if the globalist socialist cabal could make all policies, direct all resources, dictate all educational content, control all of the money, and impose all values, without the interference of individuals and nations that believe they have the right to live in freedom, and in accordance with the basic idea of self-governance, and under the charter of freedom provided by the constitution. 

     America is the one nation whose historic DNA, our beliefs in rights from our Creator to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, to own private property, to speak freely, to love and worship God, to assemble etc., stands as the biggest roadblock to the globalist agenda. ALL of those presumed liberties fly in the face of the WEF Great Reset agenda.

     So that is the fight, if you love and wish to preserve America as a uniquely great and sovereign nation. Stand up for what is right on every battlefront issue, AND recognize and call out the bigger America-destroying agenda that is the Great Reset, Biden’s American Reset.

     My AmericaCanWeTalk show every day, every week, is all about preserving the extraordinarily great and unique America, so that it will be there to bless future generations.

    I am honored and blessed to have this AmericaCanWeTalk platform, and despite YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and now Vimeo censoring, I will be there talking with you about America. 

As we wrote in the past, 1776 Was the Great Reset. 

I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!