Pfizer Whistleblowers: Emerald Robinson and Dr. Naomi Wolf???

Pfizer Whistleblowers: Emerald Robinson and Dr. Naomi Wolf???

As a matter of political philosophy, Emerald Robinson and Dr. Naomi Wolf are pretty much polar opposites.  Robinson is a MAGA patriot conservative journalist; Wolf was a campaign advisor to President Clinton and Al Gore–a supremely proud, highly educated, high intellect feminist liberal.

But both have latched on to the most recent Pfizer document dump, and they are perfectly aligned in their horror and disgust at the vaccine trial data that Pfizer initially tried to withhold from public disclosure for 55 years or more.  A judge said no to Pfizer’s request to withhold the data, and so it’s now being disclosed in monthly clumps.

Robinson and Wolf are doing the work legacy media won’t do:  they are examining the data.

The legacy media is now nothing more than a propaganda arm of the leftist deep state and won’t cover the story, and Big Tech will censor anyone who tries.  But Robinson and Wolf have megaphones of their own (Robinson through her podcast and Substack writing, and Wolf primarily through interviews on Steve Bannon’s War Room).  Their message is getting out.

It is a deeply disturbing message.

Americans initially wanted to give everyone involved in dealing with the pandemic a whole lot of slack.  The origin of the virus seemed foreign and mysterious; the severity and lethality of the virus were not initially known; and so on the surface there seemed to be plenty of justification to give all ‘officials’ and ‘authorities’ room to flail a bit until some time passed to absorb and process the diagnosis and treatment data from infected people.  Even ‘warp speed’ vaccine development seemed sensible and potentially heroic.

Time has now passed.

The virus is now understood clearly to be a bioweapon–a product of ‘gain of function’ capabilities that seem to be the forte of Dr. Ralph Baric of the University of North Carolina, among others.  Angst and suspicion surrounds the question of Anthony Fauci’s involvement in the creation and even the ‘leak’ of the virus from the Wuhan biotechnology labs.

The lockdowns and masking and social distancing prescriptions are now seen as horrifically wrong-headed and enormously damaging to mental health around the world, not to mention devastating to the economy.

And the vaccines?  Even the CDC recognized these ‘injections’ were never vaccines in the dictionary meaning of that word (the CDC changed the definition of vaccine to try and make the injections fit).  But vastly more important–and this is what Emerald Robinson and Dr. Naomi Wolf are screaming to the rooftops–is that Pfizer’s own trial data showed these injections were and are in no way, shape or form anywhere near what medical science had previously defined as ‘safe and effective’.

But no one at Pfizer told the public of the devastating trial data showing little or no efficacy and very serious and dangerous side effects.

And to this day, Pfizer and the Biden administration are pushing for mandatory vaccination, even of children.  This behavior begs the question:  what on earth is their real agenda?  Because it is definitely not ‘public health’ as understood for every year of American history until 2020.

There will be more to say after the comments and analysis of Robinson and Wolf and others are fully absorbed.

“Nuremberg trials” may start trending….


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