• Why–in the past, and even today–is it ok for the DNC to refuse to cooperate with the FBI when the FBI wants to examine the DNC servers for evidence of hacking?


  • So long as the DNC is able to refuse examination of its servers, how is it that there is any accepted ‘truth’ as to who ‘hacked’ and leaked DNC emails to WikiLeaks? More directly, why is there no complete and public on-the-record clearing of the air by the FBI regarding the murder of Seth Rich, and the content of Rich’s computers and other electronic devices?  Even more bluntly, why is any inquiry into the obviously suspicious and plainly unsolved Seth Rich murder treated as radioactive by the left?


  • Why was it ok for Hillary Clinton to arrange and approve the sale of major portions of US uranium supplies to Russia? Why was it ok for Bill Clinton to receive high six-figure speaking fees from Russians coincident with Hillary Clinton’s actions regarding the uranium sales?


  • What facts were cited in support of the FBI obtaining a FISA warrant in June 2016 to surveil Trump associates and their supposed meetings with Russians?


  • Why was “Russian lawyer” Natalia Veselnitskaya a guest of former Obama administration ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul at a Congressional hearing occurring within five days of meeting with Donald Trump, Jr.? Why was she apparently in John McCain’s Senate office six months earlier?  Why did she attend anti-Trump rallies if she wanted to help Trump?


These are just a few of the obvious questions the MSM has not asked and will not ask.

We are not the only Americans noticing that the MSM will not ask them.

Because these questions have not been asked and will not be asked by the MSM, Americans who love this country and retain an ounce of common sense can only speculate as to what’s going on.

The speculation isn’t that difficult or far-fetched:  Seth Rich was murdered for leaking DNC emails to WikiLeaks; we don’t know who gave the order to murder him, but the motive is as plain as day:  anger at the leak of the emails to WikiLeaks.   Trump, Jr. was set up by the Obama/DNC/Deep State complex to provide justification for securing a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign from June through to the election (and beyond).

If the speculation is accurate, these actions represent some of most vile, despicable and detestable conduct ever engaged in by so-called “American” government leaders against other Americans.  And the actors appear intent on continuing until they undo the decision the American electorate made in November 2016.

The actors know who they are; they knew and know what they were and are doing; and they belong in jail, if not executed.

If the MSM and DC ruling class does not want Americans entertaining sentiments or advancing speculations like those just mentioned, then ask the damn questions, and publish truthful and complete answers.  Because until that happens, sentient Americans outside the Beltway and MSM bubble are not moving an inch away from support of President Trump, no matter what their views of him may have been prior to his election.

Americans know they are witnessing an active left-wing coup against their duly elected President; they know they have an MSM ‘colluding’ to make it happen; and they are being asked to just sit there and take it.  They are implicitly being told that Trump’s removal is a fait accompli because the ruling class cannot be stopped from doing what they have decided is best for themselves and for the peasants.

Here’s hoping the ruling class will wake up from their delusions as to the stupidity and apathy of America’s patriots.  Americans are not stupid, and they are not going to accept this manifestly corrupt, manipulative and deceitful attempt to destroy their government from within.  They are not peasants.

Here’s further hoping that the ‘truth-outing’ power of the internet will yet pull the curtains completely away for all to see what’s really going on, and who truly is criminally culpable.  No more speculation; just questions asked, and answered with the truth.

The purge of this nearly unfathomable moral rot can only help America and the world.

Paul Gable