Red States’ Election Integrity Laws Must Address Cybersecurity

Red States’ Election Integrity Laws Must Address Cybersecurity

State-based efforts to stop electronic election fraud represent the most important agenda item for those fighting for fair elections in America’s future.  In fact, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the future of America herself depends on a pointed, near-surgical level of precision in legislation to root out and prevent such fraud.


Here is why:


  • Everyone knows that computers of all kinds can be and are hacked, regularly. From the massive Solar Winds hack that compromised data at numerous highly sensitive federal agencies for months and months undetected, to the Capital One hacking that involved the theft of the personal data of millions of Americans, the fact is that massive computer hacking and fraud happens all the time.


  • Why would anyone assume that hacking into election-related software—the software that literally controls who holds power in the most powerful country on earth—would never happen? Sophisticated hacking is done for perverted amusement and vandalism; it is done for money; it most assuredly would be done for power.  State legislatures must therefore assume that hacking of election hardware and software is not only possible but nearly certain to occur or at least be attempted.


  • Accordingly, there is no need to prove or believe to a certainty or even a half-certainty that election machine hacking/fraud occurred in November 2020 to justify including provisions in current legislation to prevent electronic election fraud.


  • Legislatures can and must act proactively to prevent future electronic election fraud. Analogy: no one waits to install a lock on the front door of their home until after it is burglarized. The lock is installed at the outset to prevent unlawful entry occurring even a first time.   And so legislatures must pass electronic election fraud prevention provisions now to prevent future electronic election fraud.


  • America cannot afford to wait. It is not good enough to pass voter roll clean-up and other relevant provisions in election integrity legislation but fail to address electronic election fraud which has far more potential to change election outcomes than does any other form of voter fraud or ballot fraud. Electronic fraud can easily negate all of the gains from any other election integrity provisions.


  • Again, America cannot afford to wait. If future elections are stolen via electronic election fraud, those who prevail and obtain the majority in state legislatures and in governors’ seats via that fraud will NEVER pass legislation to prevent the fraud that got them elected.


  • Provisions delineating how to prevent or at least greatly reduce the risk of electronic election fraud have already been drafted. It is not rocket science.


  • The left and its legacy media have made it a sport to mock any allegations of voter fraud, but most especially have mocked the idea of electronic election fraud. Media mockery of anyone who alleges that electronic election fraud occurred …. the “where’s the Kraken” crowd is at fever pitch.


Many, many otherwise thoughtful conservatives have cravenly collapsed in the face of this onslaught—they apparently just fear they will lose readers, followers, donors, or simply ‘bipartisan’ respect in popular social circles if they don’t yield on claims of election fraud ‘because everyone knows Donald Trump is a bad man and deserved to lose and so there was no election fraud’.

This is not investigation-based, principled reasoning; it is a conclusion forged by hysterical peer pressure brought to bear on those who won’t fall in line…and it is becoming more hysterical because the weight of the evidence of massive, even ‘sovereign crime’ levels of election fraud in November 2020 keeps growing, and everyone paying attention who has even a modest understanding of technology and cyber vulnerabilities knows it.


Failure of red state legislatures to directly address and so far as possible to prevent electronic election fraud would be unconscionable and inexcusable–an unforced error of unimaginable consequences.  If there are no free and fair elections in America, there is no America. 


The people who believe America as founded must be preserved see this issue as a hill to die on.  It is THAT important.  Red state legislatures (really, all state legislatures that truly care about preserving American-style democracy) must push for electronic election fraud provisions in every piece of election integrity legislation.