Reject This Evil, Emphatically

Reject This Evil, Emphatically

Though apparently since scrubbed/deleted, take a look at this tweet:




Let’s go ahead and stipulate to the usual ‘anyone can post anything…doesn’t prove anything’ truism, but then let’s look at other issues in ‘Chrissy Blasey’s’ testimony.  And before we do, let’s not forget that there is not and never has been any corroboration whatsoever of her actual allegation, which by her own testimony is uncertain as to where and when it allegedly occurred.

Ms. Ford was said to have a fear of flying that would make it necessary to delay her Senate appearance (implying she would have to be allowed time to drive from California to Washington, D.C.).  But her testimony indicated she had frequently and regularly flown all over the world.

The claim that she had a fear of flying is what is known to normal people as a lie.

She testified all about remodeling to her house in 2012, which included the need for an additional door for an upstairs bedroom, all driven by claustrophobia and other trauma associated with the aftermath of the then 30 year old alleged sexual assault.  She indicated this 2012 activity coincided with marital counseling she and her husband were obtaining, at which she discussed the impact of the alleged assault.  She refuses to turn over the marital counselor’s notes from that meeting(s) (though recent reports have indicated her lawyers are ‘considering’ turning them over).  (Her husband did not testify at the Senate hearing, and was not present for the hearing.)

But documented evidence (including building permits) shows the remodeling occurred 3-4 years prior to 2012, and the second door appears to have facilitated an Airbnb-style rent out of a bedroom to ‘Google interns’.

Ms. Ford’s trauma story about the 2012 remodeling and second door is what is known to normal people as a lie.

Ms. Ford testified that she had ‘never’ coached anyone relative to the taking of polygraph tests; she also testified that she wasn’t familiar with working with lawyers in connection with making this type of allegation.  But evidence has since shown that among her best friends since high school is none other than Monica McLean, a 20+ year lawyer and former FBI agent who Ms. Ford met with in Rehoboth, Delaware over the time period in which Ms. Ford said she composed her allegation letter against Brett Kavanaugh.  Ms. McLean was a Ford-invited guest at the Senate hearing.  Ms. McLean has been identified by Ms. Ford’s former live-in boyfriend as a person Ford met with and that he, the ex-boyfriend, personally witnessed Ford coaching Ms. McLean about issues involved in taking polygraph tests.

Ms. McLean has denied the polygraph coaching incident to ABC News.  Interestingly, at this writing, to our knowledge no such denial has been submitted in writing to the Senate Judiciary Committee, where the submission of false testimony is a felony.

To normal people, the implications of this Ford-McLean friendship go far beyond the rendering of Ms. Ford’s above testimony as lies.  They point to an FBI-trained professional positioning of the allegation letter so as to avoid outright falsehoods while preserving plausibility.  They point to orchestration and planning and plotting.  They also raise the specter of direct or indirect FBI involvement in the staging of the Ford allegation.

Folks, normal people can cut to the chase:  Ms. Ford’s allegation against Mr. Kavanaugh looks, smells, and feels like a complete and outright falsehood from start to finish; a hit job orchestrated at the highest levels of the anti-American left (a/k/a Democrat Party) to destroy an innocent man primarily because they feel his elevation to the Supreme Court threatens the leftist sacrament of abortion.

Timothy LeBlanc’s tweet has the ring of truth:  it looks very much like Ms. Ford did to Brett Kavanaugh what she thought should have been done to Neil Gorsuch.

Normal people have another word for what Ford and the Democrats have done in orchestrating the Ford-Kavanaugh episode:  it’s called evil.  And it needs to be rejected by the American people, emphatically.

Eric Georgatos