Saving America…from the Ruling Class

Saving America…from the Ruling Class

A big week lies ahead for America and the world.  That’s how consequential will be today’s scheduled release of a reported 1.2 million documents assembled by Inspector General Michael Horowitz in his investigation of the behavior of the FBI and Department of Justice regarding, broadly speaking, the 2016 election and its aftermath.

To cut to the chase, when the dust settles (and there will be nuclear scale dust), here’s what we think the bottom lines as to the all-important question of motive will be:

  • The ruling class of DC—starting with Obama, and including Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, and multiple underlings (including William Priestap, Bruce Ohr, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and a whole bunch not yet named) were absolutely repulsed by the prospect of a crude and brash billionaire crashing their ruling class party, and were determined to take him out before the election, and when that failed, to take him out after the election. They still are.
  • The FBI and DOJ, in particular, did not necessarily see Hillary Clinton as the paragon of virtue, but in their formulation of the classic ‘choose between the lesser of two evils’ question, the answer was not even close: it was Hillary Clinton.
  • She was a Beltway insider; she was corrupt to the core, but corrupt in the usual ways of the Beltway, and so she could be relied on to stay more or less within the boundaries of policy acceptable to the uniparty establishment.
  • Trump, on the other hand, was too much of a wild card. He was a New York real estate developer, for crying out loud, no doubt associating from time to time with unsavory characters.  And while he didn’t smoke or drink, he had plenty of sexual appetite, and wasn’t particularly quiet about that fact (three marriages; books authored by him that openly speak of his many sexual conquests).
  • These ruling class elites will go to their graves believing they were and are acting as patriots, doing everything they could think of to save America from this disgusting Trump character. Within the FBI and DOJ, there will be strident positions taken to the effect that they were not acting in a partisan political manner; that their concerns transcended politics; that the choice of the lesser of two evils was objectively clear to anyone with full knowledge of the two candidates.

With those motives understood, the abuse by the intelligence agencies, the content of the famous ‘dossier’ and the content of the FISA warrant application(s) will not surprise.

The ruling elites abused the NSA’s database of calls, texts and emails by completely ignoring the notion that foreign players must be involved in order to tap into the database and justify this blatant spying on Americans.  They went crazy looking for dirt on Trump and his associates, without regard to the presence or absence of foreign involvement, and they spun and leaked as fast and as much as they could with whatever their database ‘queries’ disclosed.  They HAD to stop this guy!

When NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers finally became aware of the extent of the abuse, he stopped it.  But that’s when the ruling class had to go to the FISA court to get legal authority to continue abusing the NSA’s database and potentially expanding authorized surveillance.  That’s the purpose of the Trump ‘dossier’—which, in the words of James Comey, was ‘salacious and unverified’.

So how did they succeed in getting the FISA court to issue a warrant?  Well, Andy McCarthy has captured the idea:  when you don’t have proof of a crime by the target (Trump), you go for a counterintelligence investigation (which doesn’t require a crime), and you throw in as much evidence as you can as to why the target is probably guilty even if you don’t yet know of what.  In other words, you make up for lack of evidence of a crime, with mountains of evidence of bad character, in the hopes of convincing the FISA court to act.  It apparently worked.

And so when the FISA applications are finally made public, or are at least known to Devin Nunes and the House Intelligence Committee, we think they are going to show lots of Trump baggage (the “Stormy Daniels” story is one example).   The left will go nuts over the ugliness of the baggage; the right will go nuts at the complete politicization and weaponization of law enforcement under Obama; and Trump will take another round of ‘slings and arrows’ to his character.

What should the outcome be? 

It should be to uphold the decision of the American people to elect Donald Trump as President.  It should be to charge, arrest, try and convict each and every government official involved in this grotesque abuse of power.  And yes, that ought to include Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Clapper, John Brennan and James Comey, at a minimum.

Why?  Because Trump’s a good guy and they are bad guys?  No.  Trump is who he is; his own books spell out his lack of personal morals; and his rise to billionaire level in NYC real estate development almost certainly could not have been done without brushing up in one way or another with some nasty characters.  He’s not a choir boy.

Because Trump’s a Republican and they’re Democrats?  No.  (He’s not a Republican, anyway).

It’s because the Constitution establishes government by the people, not by a ruling class.  The people chose Donald Trump, with pretty much full knowledge of his personal merits and demerits.

The people are smarter than the ruling class believes; and the people pay attention more than the ruling class believes.

For the eight years of Obama, and for 25+ years the Clintons have been on the political scene, Americans have watched as corruption and deceit and utter defiance of the rule of law have been paraded in front of them, with no accountability whatsoever.

Fast and furious; Lois Lerner; ‘if you like your doctor/plan, you can keep it’; the Benghazi ‘video’; ‘hands-up, don’t-shoot’; 33,000 ‘lost’ emails, private servers, hammered hard drives, witness immunity, interviews not under oath, exoneration in the face of overwhelming guilt; enabling an Islamic terrorist regime (Iran) and sworn enemy of the United States an unconstitutional glide path to nuclear weapons—all of this has taken place in plain view of the American people, and the ruling class believed the American people would just take it and move on.

They wouldn’t, and they didn’t.  They saw Donald Trump as the wrecking ball to fight back with and drain this swamp of corruption and deceit, and they cast their lot with him.  And he’s delivering.

What will the outcome of IG Horowitz’ report and related disclosures be?

Well, time will tell of course.  The ruling class will not go down without a fight; the mainstream media is already unhinged, so there is no limit to the spin and counter-spin they will resort to, even if it involves making things up from whole cloth.

The Trump baggage that the FBI presumably added to the FISA applications in order to buttress the bogus dossier will undoubtedly be the critical fodder for the left to hang on to.  “The issue is not the Obama/Clinton abuse of power; the issue is what a creepy, disgusting man Trump is…that’s why the abuses must be excused; they were justified”—will be the spin.

Will this spin work?  We don’t think so.  Americans aren’t going to buy the notion that Trump represents a uniquely bad brand of creepiness.  Compared to Bill and Hillary Clinton?  Really?


Here’s to a draining of the ruling class swamp on a scale never before seen in American history.  It’s the only result worthy of the brazen, criminal, and treasonous behavior Americans are about to see exposed.