Seth Rich: Outing the Truth May Drain the Swamp

Seth Rich: Outing the Truth May Drain the Swamp

Consumers of mainstream media ‘news’ likely will not know the name and the story of “Seth Rich”.  Americans need to learn it, and fast.

Because with James Comey out as Director of the FBI, there’s a chance the full truth of what happened to Seth Rich will come out—and if it does, and if that truth turns out to be as profoundly evil as it appears to be, the movement to ‘drain the swamp’ of Washington DC is going to sweep the country.

Yes, the Seth Rich story is that significant.

Seth Rich was a 27 year-old DNC staffer, working at the DNC in the hotbed of the 2016 Democrat Party primary election campaign.  He was shot and killed near his Washington DC home very early in the morning on July 10, 2016.

A murdered DNC staffer is not a good story for the liberal news media, and absent evidence that he was shot by someone wearing a MAGA hat, the MSM and DNC quickly went into ‘nothing to see here’ mode—praising young Rich for his idealism and service, lamenting his death, and speculating that his murder was just another DC robbery gone wrong.

But according to even the reliably liberal Wikipedia’s entry on “Murder of Seth Rich”, the evidence gathered at the time of his murder showed two shots in the back, and nothing taken from Rich’s person (including his watch and wallet).

The ‘robbery gone wrong’ explanation just didn’t seem to fit, but any other explanation that involved questions about what Rich was doing at the DNC were too disturbing to contemplate, and so the MSM labeled any attempt at such an explanation to be a ‘conspiracy theory’.

Soon after Rich’s murder, Wikileaks began publishing the famous ‘leaked’ DNC emails which showed, among other things, that the DNC was openly and brazenly rigging the Democrat primary election to assure that Hillary Clinton would be the nominee.

Stories then popped up, speculating to the effect that that Seth Rich truly was an idealistic young person, drawn to Democrat politics in general but specifically to the candidacy of Bernie Sanders.  As he learned first-hand at the DNC just how rigged the primary process was, he was increasingly disillusioned.  And so, according to speculation at the time, Seth Rich decided to act—by serving as an email pipeline from the DNC to Wikileaks.  In simple terms, he wanted to expose the bastards.  This was intolerable to the DNC, and so a hit was ordered on Seth Rich.


Just about anyone with an idealistic view of America, and certainly anyone with an idealistic view of the Democrat Party, would shriek in horror at the implications of this ‘speculation’.  It just couldn’t be true.  Washington DC is a dangerous place; this was a random robbery that went bad; be kind to Seth Rich’s memory and to his family, and never speak of this story again.

Only Rich’s parents and girlfriend apparently wanted to know the truth, and weren’t satisfied with ‘move along’ as the answer.  They’re probably all Democrat Party loyalists, but murder is murder, and most decent people don’t just accept it as ‘one of those things’—especially since they may have had an inkling of what was on Seth Rich’s mind in the days and weeks prior to his murder.

And so they or someone close to them hired a private investigator.

For a look at what that investigator has turned up so far, take a look at this link; look at others, too.

To cut to the chase, according to the Fox News report, Seth Rich apparently had transferred some 40,000+ DNC emails to Wikileaks prior to being murdered.  And the private investigator reports that he has been told by DC law enforcement that they—the DC law enforcement officials—have been told to ‘stand down’ with respect to the further investigation of Seth Rich’s murder.

Think about that.

The Rich family has apparently distanced themselves from the private investigator’s report, though not very convincingly, in our view.  But in any case, we’ll just go with Occam’s Razor theory and spell out our speculation:  leaders of the DNC discovered Seth Rich’s active leaking of DNC emails to Wikileaks, were desperately trying to persuade WikiLeaks not to publish any of them, and so, somewhere at the highest levels of the DNC, an order was issued to kill Seth Rich to send a message to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks:  this is what will happen to you if you publish what Seth Rich provided to you; and as a side benefit, to send a message to every DNC staffer in every office in every state in the US:  don’t mess with the leadership of the DNC, and don’t mess with the plan to nominate Hillary Clinton for President.

As noted above, soon after Rich’s murder, the DNC emails were leaked to the public.  Either Julian Assange didn’t get the message, or he did get the message, and didn’t take kindly to being threatened.

In an FBI with any integrity whatsoever, the investigation into Seth Rich’s murder should have proceeded at full speed—if for no other reason than to stop speculation as to the motives and actions of people like John Podesta, Donna Brazile and yes, of Hillary Clinton.  Because the simple fact is—if an order to kill a young DNC staffer was actually issued, it did not come from a low-level person at the DNC.  It came from the top.


If the speculation proves true, America will see a Democrat Party operating at a breathtaking level of evil.

The “Russians Hacked the DNC” story will have been proven false; the “Trump Colluded with the Russians to Throw the Election” narrative will seem even more silly; but most important of all, Americans will come face to face with the possibility that the Democrat Party has become nothing more or less than an organized crime operation, aided and abetted by the MSM.

We’d prefer that the speculation not be true.  And who knows, maybe there’s a less troublesome explanation for how Seth Rich came to be killed.  But Americans have for months been watching an unhinged MSM and DNC attack Donald Trump with a level of hatred and vitriol never seen in American history, and all because their preferred candidate did not win the Presidency.

Is it really preposterous to believe that during the heated Democrat primary campaign, when that same preferred candidate was in danger of losing the nomination, in part due to a DNC staffer sending compromising emails to an entity known for leaking information to take down the powerful, that similar thinking people–then in charge of every level of US law enforcement and in control of MSM messaging–could have ordered a hit on that staffer in order to send the messages described?

Keep an eye on the Seth Rich story.  It’s bigger than the firing of James Comey.  It’s bigger than Trump and the Russians.  It’s bigger than—or maybe a part of—the Deep State threat.  And it’s exactly the kind of investigation that James Comey would never allow to see the light of day because of its enormous adverse political implications for Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the new Director of the FBI had better get on top of the Seth Rich investigation, and fast.  The swamp needs to be drained.

Paul Gable