Shanghai…and Easter

Shanghai…and Easter

Credit to Tucker Carlson for giving visibility to CCP’s total lockdown of Shanghai on the ostensible grounds of pursuing a ‘zero-Covid’ healthcare policy.  You should make yourself watch his opening segment from Monday, here.

Innocent Chinese people (almost all of whom are presumably vaccinated) screaming from their high-rise apartments; forced quarantining, including separating children from parents; extermination of pets (including a corgi put down by a ‘healthcare worker’ using a shovel to beat its head in; and bags of pet cats on the streets awaiting pickup for extermination).  Drones broadcasting a message to the high-rise apartment dwellers to ‘disregard your soul’s longing for freedom’ (can that actually be an intended message of the CCCP?)

These are the actions of the government of China.  Is this a form of government humanity wants to see spread around the world?

Carlson noted that Shanghai is a relative beacon of at least commercial freedom within China, and therefore presumes the lockdown is a calculated demonstration of power by the CCP intended to keep the rest of China forewarned to toe the government line on all things, or else.  That presumption rings true, because there is no evidence of a covid emergency anywhere in the world, and all actual evidence from around the world indicates lockdowns have been ineffective to stop or slow the spread of a virus.  So the Shanghai lockdown reeks of power theatre and not healthcare policy.  But there’s a deeper issue to consider.

The CCP is the earth’s preeminent example of a government of atheism.  Not the relatively harmless atheism asserted in navel-gazing seminary debates, but the raw, militant, matter-is-everything-and-God-is-nothing atheism that has always been the foundation of Marxism and communism, and is at the core of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum and its Great Reset, fueled by chief science advisor Yuval Harari.

Militant atheism can justify the designation of a virus as the potential destroyer of humanity—i.e., by definition neither hope nor faith offer a way out or a way forward in a world of atheism.  The virus will kill us all, unless it is somehow locked down out of existence, or an anti-virus or ‘vaccine’ saves us.  It’s that simple.

Militant atheism can therefore similarly justify and posit a ‘zero-Covid’ policy as rational on a cost/benefit basis, up to and including justifying the death by starvation of even 25 million mostly vaccinated residents of Shanghai (and their pointless pets) in order to save the rest of the Chinese people.

In a world governed by militant atheism, such a policy isn’t harsh or inhumane; it’s what’s necessary to deal with the reality that covid may kill us all if it isn’t somehow eliminated.


Judeo-Christian faith has many strands, and those who seek to mock and discredit the whole of it have lost sight of how it has changed and will continue to change humanity for the better.

Rush Limbaugh, hardly known as an expert on Christian theology (and he never professed to be one), nevertheless often voiced the essential sentiments that he sensed sprang from his Christian faith—namely, that humanity was given dominion over the earth, to ‘subdue it’ in the sense of harnessing resources to achieve abundance, but not to submit or be subject to it; that a Creator who gave us an inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness did not decree a life of inevitable misery, depression and despair; that a Savior who rose from the grave and promised eternal life to those who understood the one God was never powerless in the face of any material threat, whether of disease or storms or lack of any kind.

Limbaugh was mercilessly mocked by the atheist left for these views (no surprise there), but while unproveable in any objective way, we believe his enormous and lasting appeal among the American people was precisely because these core views, however tweaked in articulation by various Christian denominations, captured their core faith.

Limbaugh’s observations aside, even the most casual student of the Bible also knows of the divine command to ‘love thy neighbor as thyself’ and to live in accord with a sense of righteousness, or morality, that fits with the ‘still, small voice’ of conscience.

The result in Judeo-Christian America is a natural, absolute revulsion to any government policy that would dare to lock and starve people in their apartments; that would forcibly rip young children from their parents; that would brutally kill pets…no matter what the rationale.

The further result in Judeo-Christian America is a collective character that will never surrender or submit to a virus or any other disease as all-powerful and insurmountable, but will expect and hope that with the exercise of God-given freedom and intelligence and the right of dominion, that a remedy will be found that restores and preserves humanity’s inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

As Tucker Carlson pointed out, the installed leftist cabal now running the US government has not denounced China’s lockdown of Shanghai.  On the contrary, they seem to be testing the waters for imposing something similar in America.  Anthony Fauci was on the weekend shows voicing a warning about the need to reimpose mask mandates; the Biden administration extended mask mandates for airlines; and Gavin Newsom is moving to make access to public education in California dependent on vaccination.  There is not a shred of medical science justifying any of this.

There has also been a flurry of high-level Democrats announcing that they have recently tested positive for covid (along with expressing rote gratitude for how the vaccine has helped them feel less bad).  A truly bizarre coincidence.

Dr. Naomi Wolf—a quintessential liberal feminist turned hard-core government/Big Pharma critic—is publicly warning that all of these recent actions suggest a left-wing plan for an ‘emergency in the works’ to make sure 2022 election shellacking that is clearly on the radar can somehow be avoided or minimized.  (Massive lockdowns to pave the way for more mail-in ballots and mules?  But we digress.)

The American left, as with the CCP and with the left anywhere in the world, is always grounded in atheism.  Yet America, in her founding, and in the heritage of her people, is profoundly grounded in faith.  That inherent conflict in worldview has been at the core of all of America’s existential battles for survival.  It is now; that is why so many observers have identified the current crisis as a spiritual war.

The good news from America’s Bible-based faith is:  it’s not a new war, and it doesn’t have an unknown outcome.  In the deepest sense, that’s what the celebration of Easter is all about.

So how will the transcendent power and enduring triumph of Easter play out in the affairs of 2022?  Klaus Schwab & company believe it won’t; they believe they are the new masters of the universe who have displaced and superseded the Creator.

We’ll see what happens.