Show Links – The October 27th Show

Show Links – The October 27th Show

Articles reviewed in preparation for the October 27th show:

Dark Winter of Politicized Medicine



Dr. Richard Urso MD joins me to talk NEW Covid cases AND NIH pronouncement

Dr. Richard Urso Bio

No Treatments Recommended for COVID-19 Patients Without Supplemental Oxygen: NIH

‘At a breaking point’: New surge of Covid-19 cases has states, hospitals scrambling, yet again


Impending Post-Election Violence

Texas prepares to send 1,000 troops to five major cities, DC boards up its stores and Washington state puts National Guard on alert amid fears of post-election violence

The Left’s ‘Long March Through the Institutions’ Has Been Replaced by the Big Push

A Man vs a Movement: Tom Klingenstein on American Greatness Video

BUILDINGS, SHOPS BOARDING UP …Prep for Election Violence

Kamala Harris questioned by Norah O’Donnell

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