The Biggest Scandal in American History – What It Really Shows

The Biggest Scandal in American History – What It Really Shows

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes may be California’s last and most important contribution to the preservation of America.  Nunes is from California, and his integrity and tenacity is blowing open corruption in American government on a scale never seen by any living American, and very likely by any American, ever.

We won’t try to catalog in a short blog post the breadth of the corruption (listen to the radio show and mid-week podcasts in the coming weeks for more detailed descriptions).  The best places for those summaries are the Conservative Treehouse website and, for the best, clearest understanding of the legalities, the columns of Andrew McCarthy at National Review online.

Suffice to say that Obama, the Clintons, DNI Director James Clapper, CIA Director John Brennan, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI Directors James Comey, and before Comey, Robert Mueller, and a host of others in senior positions (the names include McCabe, Ohr, Baker, Preistap, Strzok, Page, Rhodes, Rice, and Powers) are, in our view, criminally culpable, and the survival of the country may well depend on whether all or any of them are finally held accountable.  Accountable means arrested, charged, tried, convicted and sentenced according the rule of law.

But the larger point that this scandal illustrates is just how far our culture has slipped from its moral and ethical foundation.  Because the sheer numbers of people involved, especially including the volume of very senior, Cabinet-level officials, where NO ONE, with the possible exception of NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers, would yell ‘stop’ or resign rather than participate, says that none of them could see the larger picture of lies and deceit in which they were engaging.

These are people who, mostly by reason of educational achievement and pedigree, followed by working their way up the chain of command, arrived at pinnacles of power in American government.  But none had the character or integrity to stand up and say no to this abject dishonesty.

These people were serving the rule of men, because they had agreed in their own minds that they were the qualified supreme arbiters of what is best for the American nation and the American people.  Truth and lies were utterly silly irrelevancies in the face of their grand scheme to protect and preserve those they determined to be the ‘right’ people to hold power.

In another era, even as recently as the 1970’s with Richard Nixon, there were enough men and women of conscience to step in and stop wrongdoing before it engulfed the entire apparatus of government.  But the Watergate scandal is to this scandal as jaywalking is to first degree mass murder.

And so…the inception of the specific scandal involved the discovery of Hillary Clinton’s deliberate use of private unsecure email while often communicating the nation’s top-secret information as Secretary of State.  This was and is manifestly illegal; she knew it; Barack Obama knew it—and communicated with her using this unsecure email—but nothing could be allowed to implicate President Barack Obama in felony behavior.  So it became ok for Hillary to claim 33,000 emails went ‘missing’, to take the hammer to the servers or computers, to apply acid to the hard drives, and then to have the DOJ and FBI agree to ridiculous not-under-oath ‘interviews’ of her aides and of her, to have the whole thing referred to as a ‘matter’ rather than an investigation, and to have the FBI Director himself deliver the most patently absurd statement of exoneration of her ever uttered by a public official in a public setting.

The protection of Obama soon morphed into the need to protect the Democrat nominee for Obama’s successor—the very same Hillary.  And lo and behold, from the other side it soon emerged that the crass, vulgar, utterly unworthy Donald J. Trump would be the political opposition.  THAT was incomprehensible and utterly unacceptable to these grandees, and so off to the races they went, utilizing every toy in the government’s intelligence arsenal, ‘querying’ the NSA database to get political dirt on Trump and anyone in his campaign.  A few lies to the FISA court to keep the dirt flowing were no big deal to this group.

And the best part of participating in the whole scheme is that no one would ever find out, because Hillary was sure to win the presidency.

Only Trump won, and the **** hit the fan.

Americans are on the verge of seeing the full details of the scope of this scandal.  It is mind-blowing; it is frightening; it is devastating.

The silver lining is that Trump’s victory came in a nick of time for the preservation of America.  Had Hillary Clinton won, there is simply no comprehending what might have happened to the concept of law and truth.

Truth has a way of outing itself (as Shakespeare knew) and winning.  Not always in our preferred timing, but always nevertheless.

Soon the challenge to America will be understood as a moral one:  the country MUST find, develop, value, elevate and promote to leadership positions those whose understand the very simple idea that truth exists, and allegiance to truth—a/k/a honesty—is vital and ultimately the only path to prosperity and power.

The founders of America spoke of self-evident truths, and formed on a country based on them.  And who was it that said:  “ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”?