The End of the Mueller Investigation May Be Near

The End of the Mueller Investigation May Be Near

It would be the Swamp Preservation Deal of All Time, but it just might get done because Trump wants so badly to be free once and for all of the Trump/Russia collusion nonsense.


We’ll stipulate that we don’t have the investigative resources or legal authority to drill down at the level necessary to flush out every detail, but in the words of Rush Limbaugh, we’ll use ‘intelligence informed by experience’ to put forth the outlines of the Swamp Preservation Deal of All Time.

Some key starting points:

  • Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is in a world of legal trouble. There is no readily believable, harmless explanation for her extensive dealings with the infamous Pakistani IT ‘family’.  The circumstances scream blackmail; and the grounds for that blackmail are almost certainly the email records of Hillary supporter and former DNC chairwoman DWS (and those of many other Democrat members of the House).  DWS cannot let these see the light of day.


  • Americans have been treated for months with the nonsensical narrative that in the midst of supposed hyper-fear of dangerous Russian hacking of the Presidential election, the super-critical piece of equipment—the DNC server—could not be examined by the FBI because the DNC refused to let them do so. The DNC wants to claim the ultimate victim status in the 2016 election, but the piece of equipment that could prove for all time the exact nature and means of Russian hacking…and the DNC refuses to let the FBI investigate?  WTF?  Only Deep State collusion with the DNC can explain this. (Stated another way, please advise if you understand and can explain the legal basis upon which the DNC is able to tell the FBI to go away.)


  • It’s now clear that the famous Fusion GPS “Trump dossier” was a Russia-generated or Russia-facilitated hit piece on Trump, almost certainly bought and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign or its affiliates. In other words, Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, engaged in per se collusion with Russia to help her win the election.  If collusion with Russia is the monstrous evil the media has been telling Americans it is, the most prominent Democrats in the country, right up to and including Hillary Clinton, are, logically, headed for jail.


  • An audiotape of longtime investigative reporter Seymour Hersh has emerged in which he states that Seth Rich—the murdered DNC staffer—had been in contact with WikiLeaks just prior to being murdered, and implies that the entire Trump/Russia collusion narrative has been a Deep State orchestrated hit on Trump.

We understand as well as anyone that connecting these dots involves interpretation, and that biases can play a distorting role in that interpretation.  But at this point, it’s really not going out on a limb to say there is nothing to the Trump/Russia collusion narrative, but there is a large, credible and growing body of evidence suggesting treason-and-murder level criminality at the highest levels of the Democrat Party and, probably, the American intelligence agencies.

So what is the Swamp Preservation Deal of All Time?  The Swamp—in the persons of Hillary Clinton, DWS, John Podesta, Donna Brazile, John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Samantha Power, Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, all represented on a de facto basis by Mueller—are given a ‘get out of jail free’ card, and, IN EXCHANGE, Robert Mueller ends his investigation and issues a public exoneration of and semi-apology to Donald Trump, with attendant recommendation/insistence that all Congressional and Senate Intelligence investigations of Trump/Russia end immediately.

It’s arguably a bad deal for Trump, because the Trump/Russia narrative has been bogus from the get-go, and the criminality that appears to have occurred on the Democrat/Deep State side is at a level of treachery never before witnessed in American history.  Many, many Swamp creatures deserve jail time, if not execution.  The deal’s effect would be the opposite of draining the Swamp.

On the other hand, Trump may conclude he can never advance his agenda while Mueller and the media are lying in the weeds (no pun intended), and the only way to end this charade, particularly with the added benefit of a public exoneration from Mueller, is to take the other terms of the deal.

We wouldn’t be surprised if a deal like this comes together before Labor Day.  The release of the Seymour Hersh tape, so soon after the arrest of DWS’ Pakistani IT guy, so soon after Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson refused to testify to Congress as to who paid for the Trump dossier, is a collective lit match near an enormous pile of super-dry kindling that could envelop and completely consume the Democrat Party and all other major Swamp players on the left.  They just can’t risk this.  Exonerating Trump would be a bitter pill, but they would live to fight another day.  Without the Swamp Preservation Deal of All Time, they just might disappear for decades.

Our own preference is for no deal.  America needs the swamp drained, and the means to pull the biggest plug and accelerate the draining, bigly, are nearly at hand.

Paul Gable