(UPDATED) The Fraud on America Will Not Hold

(UPDATED) The Fraud on America Will Not Hold

UPDATE – March 3, 2021

Amazing to believe, but this post was written before Eric Metaxas’ interview of Jack Maxey–who has seen the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.   Watch it yourself; make up your own mind–and recall that Hunter Biden’s laptop was reportedly in the possession of the FBI since December of 2019.  Consider again the analogy to the Biden campaign as an IPO underwritten by the legacy media, Big Tech and Deep State.  Full and fair disclosure?  Or material omissions?  Criminal deceit?


Take a look at Joe Biden in Texas this past week.  Seriously, take a look.

Now imagine an American enterprise (“AE”) seeking to ‘go public’ and telling its story through an SEC-regulated prospectus.

In that prospectus, AE does not disclose that the CEO has obviously declining mental capacity and may not last even three months in the job.

In that same prospectus, AE does not disclose that the CEO and his son are deeply and demonstrably compromised by a foreign country, such that they cannot be relied upon to conduct AE’s business legitimately with that foreign country, which happens to be a hugely significant customer and competitor to AE.

Those two failures to disclose—or in the vernacular, ‘material omissions’—would by themselves be rock-solid, slam dunk grounds for a successful securities class action for fraud against AE and everybody involved in the IPO of AE.

One remedy for that fraud would be to rescind the entire public offering and return the money to bilked investors.


Well, consider AE to be the Biden campaign, and the IPO underwriters to be the legacy media and Big Tech.  And consider American voters to be the bilked investors.

The reality is that American voters would not elect a man suffering from obviously declining mental capacity and compromised by China into the role of US Commander in Chief.  A majority of American voters would not do that, no matter how much they have been taught or convinced to hate Donald Trump, because Americans value their and their nation’s security too much to even contemplate trusting defense of the country to such an individual.

But they weren’t told fully and fairly of Biden’s mental condition or of how he and his son are compromised by China.  The Biden campaign and the underwriters withheld and aggressively denied or obscured the material facts.  To wit:

So putting aside ballot fraud, voting fraud and electronic vote tabulation fraud which Patrick Byrne has chronicled so thoroughly, any vote for Biden in November 2020 would be like any investment in the IPO of AE—solicited through blatant fraud and subject to rescission.


The Swamp/ruling class in America clearly believes they can keep this total fraud from unraveling.

They believe they and their allies in the legacy media and Big Tech can successfully intimidate and silence anyone who dares dispute the election result on ballot, voting and vote tabulation grounds.  (The apparent Swamp payback directed at Patrick Byrne by the SEC enforcement division, headed by Peter Strzok’s wife, is brazen beyond belief.)

And maybe they think they can similarly smother the unrest over Biden’s increasingly-impossible-to-deny dementia[1] and corruption.

Or maybe they think they can keep ‘hate Trump’ fervor at such a fever pitch that Americans will decide to just gut it out and stomach the Biden fraud until their next chance to vote in 2022.

They may be delusional.

Democrats have already drawn attention to the need to remove Biden from control of the US nuclear launch codes.  (That by itself ought to be a stunningly frightening prospect to any voter—Democrat, Republican or independent—who loves America).

Much sooner rather than later, Democrats are going to have to start seriously parading Kamala Harris in front of the American people as their next President.  This is the person who didn’t even make it to the Iowa Democratic presidential primary because not even 2% of Democrat voters supported her.

And all of this is happening after Donald Trump made a speech at CPAC yesterday that has likely been seen online by millions, and after Joe Biden streamed a recent covid vaccine presser watched online by 669 persons.

At some point, the fraud of November 2020 is just too big of a lift.  No one can carry it.

One thinks of the Egyptian people in 2013, following the deposition of Hosni Mubarak and the installation of Mohamed Morsi as President.  They had no rights akin to Americans’ constitutional rights of free speech and free assembly; they had no legacy of freedom at all; but they knew they had been played against their will—they had the power of righteous indignation—and they peacefully took to the streets by the millions until Morsi was removed.

Will there be a parallel in America?

[1] The legacy media seems determined to latch on to a precise and narrow medical definition of dementia, and then proclaim Biden doesn’t meet all the elements of the definition and therefore isn’t suffering from dementia.  But back in the real world, people with common sense know what ‘obviously declining mental capacity’ is, because it is obvious.  The issue isn’t whether or not Biden’s condition meets a medical definition; the issue is the existence of the condition in the person occupying the highest office in the land–and the fact that its existence was hidden from or misleadingly portrayed to the voting public prior to the election.