The Freedom Caucus Deserves 100% Support

The Freedom Caucus Deserves 100% Support

As bad as ‘fake news’ is, the failure to report news is just as bad.

In the only significant poll taken on the public perception of the Ryancare bill, with results released just days before the since-cancelled House vote, a grand total of 17% of Americans polled favored approval of Ryancare, and 56% were opposed to it.

Yes, we know poll results are easily engineered by the wording of the questions.  Also, the actual knowledge of the subject matter by any given set of poll respondents can affect the reliability of the results.

But consider:  a 17% approve/56% disapprove result is way beyond sampling error, and the subject of Obamacare and its repeal has consumed most of the ink and bytes of the last several weeks.  We think this poll is spot on.

Yet the MSM ignored this poll, as have all elements of the Beltway establishment.  It puts the lie to the entire establishment offensive to scorn, ridicule, mock, condemn and criticize the House Freedom Caucus for refusing to support the Ryancare legislation.  The American people didn’t support it…and the House Freedom Caucus reflected the will of the people.

Even more important, the poll illustrates the nature of the swamp that still needs to be drained.  The Beltway establishment relentlessly and unapologetically rules against the will of the people because it thinks it knows better than the people. 

The only realistic explanation for going forward with such an important piece of legislation when a solid 56% majority of Americans oppose it and merely 17% supported it is, very simply, ‘most Americans are too stupid to know what’s best for them; we ruling class members must be allowed to decide for everyone’.

This is precisely the ruling class attitude that gave rise to the election of Donald Trump.

Sadly, President Trump doesn’t seem to understand the spirit of his own supporters.  His non-ideological ‘get a deal done’ approach is out of synch with them.  His decision to jump on board the derision of the House Freedom Caucus is wildly out of touch, and suggests he’s not listening to Kellyanne Conway, who surely knows better.

We hope Trump is smart enough to wise up, and turn away from the ruling class elitism.  In the meantime, the House Freedom Caucus, led by Congressman Mark Meadows, deserves 100% support.

Paul Gable