The Great Awakening is Unstoppable

The Great Awakening is Unstoppable

Kudos to Deborah Franklin, writing on the American Thinker website, “Speculation Mounts About the Source of President Trump’s Illness”.  She has voiced what millions are wondering (and frankly, what many are not even wondering anymore…they know in their gut Trump’s illness was in some sense the result of a deliberate plot).

Perhaps historians will someday look back and mark Trump’s covid episode as the turning point in the wake up of America at large.

Americans are not generally manipulative and dishonest; they are good and decent people who try to do the right thing.  They have long had a default assumption that those elected to public office are like them—which is to say that even if officials were of different political parties, they would still maintain fundamental allegiance to principles of honesty and good faith in trying to serve the public interest.

Americans know there are bad apples in every barrel, and have never naively assumed that the love of power doesn’t exist or doesn’t corrupt American officials.  But in the main, they have assumed America’s systems work because in the end, their elected officials are, well, Americans.

But the thunderclap has been sounded and the wake up is this:

America has been living under a nightmare of brazen, relentless lies and deceit from an increasingly godless, arrogant, amoral ruling class that is NOT like Main Street America.  The evil that this group has done over the eight years of Obama and four years of anti-Trump schemes boggles the mind of the typical American, who is too busy attending to his/her job and family responsibilities to be overly tuned in to the political scene.

Americans are now seeing things their ‘leaders’ have done; they are staggered by the amoral, conscience-less nature of it all.  They have long rather blithely assumed that there just must be something off about Donald Trump, or else everything would be more normal.  But the radical evil of all of it has become impossible not to see.

Americans have watched the Russia collusion hoax unravel—not in the sense that their CIA, FBI and DOJ had good faith concerns about Trump’s connections to Russia that ultimately proved unfounded, but in the sense that the White House, CIA, FBI and DOJ knew from the beginning of Hillary’s desire to prop up a Russian conspiracy theory to distract from her scandal of ‘losing’ emails, and were engaged in a coordinated effort to make Hillary’s tactic into enough of a media/legal sensation that they could bring down the duly elected President Trump.

No matter how much AG Bill Barr wants to sweep this behavior away as a political abuse of power but nothing that warrants criminal charges—Americans just know at a gut level that Barr is trying to achieve the impossible.  These corrupt Obama/Biden officials were engaged openly, willfully and deliberately in a conspiracy to overthrow the duly elected United States government.  That is treason.  Stone cold treason.  It’s not remotely a close question.  And the MSM was in on it from the beginning, as an aider, abettor and co-conspirator.

Americans saw a character assassination against Brett Kavanaugh unlike anything ever seen in America.  Absolutely nothing was out of bounds for the anti-American Democrat left.  This wasn’t just a Clarence Thomas or a Robert Bork water cooler talk or innuendo smear; this was coordinated fabrication and reporting of phony allegations of out of whole cloth to destroy a man for his conservative, Christian, Constitution-loving worldview–and all because of the probably remote possibility he might someday conclude that a legal right to abortion under the American republic is to be determined by states and legislatures, not by five people in robes pontificating about ‘penumbras’ in the Constitution.

Then Americans watched an impeachment of President Trump over weird, half-cocked notions that investigating out and out money laundering and grift in the Ukraine involving the Obama/Biden administration—with Joe Biden himself on video doing the very thing Trump was alleged to have done as grounds for impeachment—and saw Nancy Pelosi lead an effort in the US House of Representatives to actually vote for the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Then of course came the Wuhan flu.  We are years and maybe decades away from understanding the truth of what happened with this pandemic, but seven months after the 15 day ‘flattening the curve’ emergency, an ever-increasing number of Americans are smelling a rat—a deeply rotten, conniving carcass of a rat.

The timing of the pandemic and its direct hit on the booming Trump economy was always suspect; Anthony Fauci’s strident globalist/leftist mindset was always bothersome as to how it might be influencing his pandemic advice, but now the news and events described in Deborah Franklin’s article are bringing everything to a head.

Why did Trump come down with the virus when he did?  Why did so many Republicans and WH staffers essentially simultaneously come down with the virus, but almost no Democrats?

Americans rightly suspect a planting of the virus in or around the Barrett introduction at the White House and/or portions of the Cleveland debate stage.

And if the virus could be planted to ‘get Trump’ and his entourage in September 2020, could it have been planted in the US to ‘get Trump’ via destruction of the American economy in January-March 2020?

Could the covid bug just happen to randomly strike Trump and his inner circle within 40 days of the election?  Maybe.  But after all Americans have witnessed in the all-out campaign to get Trump using lies and leaks and fabricated evidence—they are right to insist that the benefit of the doubt in trusting government officials, public health officials or the MSM is forever over.  The burden of proof is on them to show that the virus was NOT planted deliberately in an effort to get Trump.

The beauty of Trump’s incredible fighting spirit is that his recovery is simultaneously putting the lie to the MSM narrative that covid is the ultimate sci-fi extreme concoction of a flesh-eating, humanity-destroying plague that requires Americans to turn into mask-wearing automatons, and relentless scolds and snitches about anyone not conducting themselves with abject subservience to the cult of covid.

Covid is a bad flu; bad flus have always been hardest on the elderly and infirm; and Americans never want so see their fellow Americans suffer…but the imposition of local, state and national lockdowns has never been warranted; quarantining the healthy was always foolish and unnecessary; track and trace programs have always been totalitarian overkill; masks are to viruses as chain link fences are to keeping mosquitoes out; and the turbo-charged mega billion dollar rush to a vaccine just isn’t warranted by actual lethality data.

The entire seven-month pandemic feels, smells and looks like it was from the beginning a deliberate scheme that was not even remotely about public health; it was and is about the fundamental transformation of America away from God-given freedom and self-reliance into a top-down, secularist government/ruling class-controlled society.

Once awakened from the nightmare of lies, Americans are not going back into it.  They are fed up with the lies and those who are relentlessly spewing them.  They see the mail-in ballot scheme as directly related to the pandemic scheme, and both as directly related to getting Trump out of office…while allowing the despicable, indefensible cast of Obama, Biden, Clinton, Brennan, Haspel, Comey, Wray, McCabe, Rosenstein, Ohr, Burr, Warner and others to skate, and return to their positions of smugly controlling/perverting the rule of law and the American people.

Americans are going to turn out on November 3rd like never before in history, and they are going to deliver a landslide of epic proportions to the re-election of Donald Trump.  They will not accept any other result.  They are awake.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?