The Left is Headed to Oblivion

The Left is Headed to Oblivion

Two of the latest markers on the left’s march to political oblivion:  (1) the consistent, substantial segment of Trump rally attendees—generally between a quarter to one-third—who either did not vote in 2016 or have never voted; and (2) the Hunter Biden fallout.

Rally Data – RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel loves to tout the Trump rally data (security for the rallies requires so much attendee verification data—the rallies have turned into invaluable data mines for the Trump campaign).  But for any observer with eyes to see and common sense to apply, they are a massive ‘tell’ as to where the election is headed.

The turnout for Trump on Election Day (and before, in early voting) will be staggeringly high, far beyond pollsters’ past frame of reference or comprehension.

The ruling class is used to thinking (of themselves) in terms of the ‘one-percenters’—and they are going to find out:  that’s about what their electoral clout is in the face of President Trump’s stirring of everyday Americans to turn out and vote for love of their country and gratitude for a President who is shaking up a ruling class that is decades overdue for it.

The turnout for President Trump will swamp (pun intended) the left’s ability to cheat.  It will blow the minds of the leftist cabal that has never been able to grasp the everyday American’s love of country.

And one of many reasons for that turnout will be…

Hunter Biden Fallout – The ruling class has increasingly believed in their own power, and very specifically in their ability to forge their own ‘truth’ for purposes of controlling elections, judicial proceedings, public opinion, etc.

Stated another way, they have dismissed the notion that truth exists independent of what they spin it to be.

The fallout from the Hunter Biden laptop expose is going to apply a gargantuan reality check to the ruling class.  Because there is such a thing as truth; it does exist independent of clever PR spinning; and here’s the real kicker—it has power.

Rudy Giuliani’s video explanations of the evidence of the Biden family behaving like an organized crime syndicate—the only difference being that the Biden family business is the sale of American public policy—are devastatingly genuine, matter-of-fact recitations by a former mafia prosecutor who knows whereof he speaks.

No one has denied the authenticity of any of Hunter’s emails or text messages; they are even being validated through a ‘second source’ (Hunter’s former business ‘partner’).

And the American people have known for months of Joe Biden’s videotaped braggadocio describing how he held up American aid to Ukraine unless/until a Ukrainian prosecutor (who was looking into corruption that involved Hunter) was fired by the Ukrainian government.

Taken together (and without going into the apparently large portfolio of blackmailable photos of Hunter and various women), the story of corruption is stunning in its clarity and severity and ring of truth.  For just about anyone paying attention–even partisan Democrats–the private reaction is:  “yeah, this happened”.

Yet America’s MSM and Big Tech social media believe they can through sheer force of coordinated lying and obfuscation keep this story from being understood by the American people.  “Brazen” doesn’t begin to describe their attitude and behavior.

But it is not working; they do not have total control of information sources.  The vast majority of Americans have awakened to social media’s in-your-face one-sided censorship (ironically, it is precisely because of their doublespeak and irrational attempts to justify their censorship decisions relating to the Hunter Biden story that has made their arrogant bias so blindingly obvious that nobody can miss it).  Americans are resourceful; they know how to keep searching until they find the truth.

Very simply, the American people are not as detached or ignorant or gullible or naïve as the ruling class believes.  And they don’t like being lied to.


Here’s another dimension of the impending oblivion for the left:  all across the USA, there are Democrat candidates for the House of Representatives and Senate who are going to be asked about the Biden scandal, and no consultant is going to know what to tell them.

They will not be able to piggyback on an utterly non-credible MSM.

They can try the circular approach—i.e., Big Tech social media banned the story so that proves the story was false—but no one will buy it.

They can try the ‘Russian disinformation’ squirrel, but DNI John Ratcliffe killed that tactic with his public announcement that there is no intelligence-based information suggesting that any of the Hunter Biden story is based on Russian disinformation.

So Democrat candidates are left with no answer except to try to change the subject, yet this subject is squarely within the Trump vs the Ruling Class theme that was and is the story of 2016 and 2020.  The American people don’t want to change the subject; this IS the subject.

And make no mistake—the old saw that ‘all politics is local’ is like every rule: it has exceptions.  Election 2020, with the monumental Biden corruption story that validates and reignites every rationale for Trump’s election in 2016 and re-election in 2020, is the exception.  All politics is national in 2020.

Look for major nationwide Democrat losses on November 3rd.


As an important aside, will Joe Biden take the debate stage on Thursday, October 22nd?  He’s taken a ‘lid’ on public visibility until then, and you can bet his ‘advisors’ are testing every conceivable spin to get out from under the scandal (and are probably reaching out to the standard left-wing debate moderator to coordinate escape strategies).

We thought Biden’s obvious mental decline would have resulted in him being replaced on the ticket long before now.  We underestimated the left’s confidence in their ability to fool the American people.  But with the spread of the Biden scandal information—made more, not less, broad by the censorship actions of Big Tech—Biden’s advisors and the left’s financiers are being stretched to the limit of their confidence in the stupidity and ignorance of the American people.

We frankly don’t see how Biden can participate in the debate without making everything worse for himself and all Democrat candidates.  The only honest approach would be an apology for horribly bad judgement, but the judgements and actions for which he would have to apologize are so egregious, so beyond a ‘what was I thinking’ momentary lapse explanation, and so definitively unbecoming of the office of the Presidency, that an apology just wouldn’t be enough unless accompanied by a withdrawal from the race.

Yet it is almost impossibly late in the game for Democrats to replace Biden.  (Maybe they’ll figure out a way to have him test positive for covid, and just sit out/quarantine for the rest of the campaign.)


So back to the Hunter Biden fallout point we started with:  there is such a thing as truth.  And the truth is in the process of crushing the ‘good guy’/’decent guy’ Joe Biden narrative and the Democrat Party and the entire lying leftist platform.  Screaming ‘but we hate Trump and you should too’ isn’t going to be an answer.  Not against a man who sold out America to get rich.  And not against a nationwide groundswell of everyday Americans determined to take their country back.

Whether Joe Biden does or doesn’t show up to debate, he and the leftist ‘movement’ are headed to political oblivion.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?