The Political Movement of Peace

The Political Movement of Peace

After every Islamic terrorist act, Americans are assured by their ruling class that Islam is a religion of peace.  Sentient Americans know such assurance to be categorically false.  Many individual Muslims may be peaceful, but Islam itself is not.  It’s not a close question.

Americans intuitively know this truth about Islam, but search in vain for Islamic leaders who firmly, consistently and unequivocally not only denounce acts of terror, but take concrete actions to stop teaching Islamic doctrines that encourage violence against infidels and others.

Today a rabid Bernie Sanders supporter, a plainly radical leftist, went to a baseball practice field with the apparent stated goal of ‘killing as many Republicans as possible’.  As of this writing, he did not succeed, and for that we can be grateful.

Let’s go ahead and stipulate that first and foremost the shooter is responsible for his actions.  The Democrat Party is not.  Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are not.

And yet.

Sentient Americans know the MSM and Democrat Party have been saturating the airwaves and internet with ‘hate Trump’, ‘assassinate Trump’, ‘behead Trump’ vitriol.  Only an intellectual would be stupid enough to think there is no correlation or causation link, between incessant vitriol and delegitimization of Trump and the decision of some zealot to take matters into his own hands to kill Republicans.

And so…the question now goes to the ‘imams’ of the Democrat Party.  Will there be more than ritual denouncements of violence?  Will there be a clear ratcheting down of the rhetoric, and clear calls upon all members and supporters of the Democrat Party to stop encouraging, justifying and rationalizing violence against Trump and Republicans?  Will there be a public backing off from the utterly fatuous ‘Trump colluded with Russia to fix the election’ nonsense?

Don’t hold your breath.  The radical left’s determination to destroy the constitutional republic of America is absolute and unwavering.  Public denouncements will not be accompanied by concrete actions–because to the leadership of the radical left, today’s shooting was not a bad thing.  It was, to them, a bold step toward the chaos they wish to leverage into the removal of American constitutional government in favor of rule by the leftwing fascist mob.

Islam is not a religion of peace.  The radical left is not a political movement of peace.  Both need to be defeated, outgrown and removed if America as founded is to survive.

May God bless America.

Paul Gable