Trump’s Unhappiness with Sessions is Justified

Trump’s Unhappiness with Sessions is Justified

We feel more and more drawn to defending Donald Trump.  That he has an unorthodox presidential personality is an easy understatement, but his instincts across a wide range of issues are consistent and pro-American.

He was elected by Americans profoundly upset with a Washington D.C. status quo that Americans rightly sensed is growing increasingly hostile to individual freedom under God–i.e., to America as founded.  Americans wanted a shakeup, and Trump is delivering.

Elitist wisdom says he’s delivering his own demise; that the forces of ruling class groupthink on both sides of the political aisle and in the MSM are simply too strong for any one man to overcome.

The latest episode in the shakeup drama involves reports of tension between Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, apparently springing from Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from involvement in any Trump/Russia collusion investigation.  Sessions apparently made the decision without any discussion with Trump, and notified Trump just moments before Sessions made his decision public.  The tension reportedly reached a level where Sessions offered to resign.

Even on the conservative punditry side, this situation is viewed as ‘deeply troubling’–in the sense of one more source of angst about the volatile, disorganized, impetuous President.

We would call it deeply troubling, too, but only in the sense that Sessions’ decision to recuse himself is just one more Republican cave-in to the leftist agenda that seeks no less than the removal of Trump from the Presidency and yes, ultimately, the removal of constitutional government in America.

We are well aware of the fastidious legal arguments justifying the nobility of recusal.  Sessions gets himself out of the headlines, bolsters his sense of job security inside the Beltway bubble, and will pick up a few attaboys from left wing elitists.

But what Americans see in Sessions’ recusal decision is an inability to see what is going on with the radical left’s agenda, and an unwillingness to go bare knuckles in fighting it.  Trump is fighting it; Sessions ran from it.  No wonder Trump is disappointed in Sessions; the American people are, too.

Prior to the 2016 election, while holding the position of US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton arranged for the sale of 20% of America’s uranium assets to Russian interests–a transaction that came together coincident with receipt of major speaking fees for her husband and major donations to the Clinton Foundation.

This last paragraph is indisputable fact; no one, including Hillary Clinton, denies any of it.  And despite the MSM’s refusal to devote 24/7 investigative coverage to its implications, the American people know about it.

To state the blindingly obvious, uranium is used in producing nuclear weapons.  So Hillary Clinton facilitated Russia’s production of nuclear weapons in exchange in exchange for personal enrichment.

This is corruption and collusion in stark and obvious terms.  Yet there is no investigation; no special counsel.  There never was a recusal by Loretta Lynch from an investigation into this manifest corruption (not to mention no recusal relating to Hillary’s willful exposure of national security secrets; not to mention no recusal relating to her meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac of the Phoenix airport).

But when the Beltway bubble screamed ‘Trump/Russia collusion’ on the strength of the ridiculous ‘golden showers’ bogus dossier, Jeff Sessions ran for the exits.

Trump is right to be disgusted with Jeff Sessions’ recusal decision.  Sessions did the Beltway thing and dressed his decision up in ‘taking the high road’ politico-speak; Americans just see another full-time politician unwilling to fight to save this country from the radical left.

Paul Gable