Weekly Email – For the Week Ending June 4th, 2021

Weekly Email – For the Week Ending June 4th, 2021

Welcome to the AmericaCanWeTalk Weekly Email for the week ending on Friday, June 4th, 2021!   Click on any of the words in dark red font below to go directly to the show clips described.   

Personally …

I love talking with you every day on my show about America.

Over this past Memorial Day weekend we traveled to California.  A big billboard near the LA Airport and sponsored by the California Democrat Party featured a smiling Joe Biden, and the caption “Thanks Joe for getting America back on track,” listing “vaccines in arms, checks in hand, and more jobs” as his alleged accomplishments.  Comically, the billboard was above a dirty city street filled with boarded-up businesses,  and homeless wanderers. Reality did not match the gleeful billboard brag.

There is a foundational disconnect between the reality America is living, and the rosy farcical picture painted by billboards and MSM headlines about America today under Obama, I mean Biden.

  • America’s southern border is overrun with traffickers and cartel and gang members of all kinds, “children” are being held in increasingly overcrowded and unsanitary border facilities, and thousands of illegal aliens are again pouring into the country and permitted to travel anywhere  with impunity, ALL due to the Biden team’s de facto “abandon the southern border” policy. THIS is America getting back on track?
  • Bragging about “ vaccines in arms”? When the government’s own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reports more deaths and adverse incidents from the covid vaccines in this last year than from all vaccines totaled over the last 20 years. Combine this with the near complete shutdown of reporting on the overwhelming success in treating covid cases by the many already-available remedies, a reality that negates the need for dangerous vaccines that many doctors warn about.
  • From pushing the intentionally and permanently divisive critical race theory in schools, to threatening the future of free and fair elections via the attempted nationalizing of America’s election law, from the shutting down of gas pipelines and reducing access to readily available and affordable energy sources to massively increasing dependency and national debt by proposing more massive unnecessary bailout spending,  America is watching a country in self-destruct mode, with no end in sight.

No, California Democrats, Joe Biden is NOT getting America back on track.

Friends and listeners, please keep tuning in to AmericaCanWeTalk, as we continue our American political conversation about preserving America. On ACWT, we talk truth about America.



AmericaCanWeTalk is hosting an important conference in Dallas on Thursday June 17th about Critical Race Theory (CRT).  

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Monday May 31st – NO SHOW — Memorial Day holiday!

Tuesday June 1st, 2021

Wednesday June 2nd, 2021

Our Thursday Show for Members on 6.3.2021 featured former Texas State Rep Matt Rinaldi, who told us HOW and WHY legislatures with conservative majorities often fail to pass basic conservative legislation that they KNOW their constituents want. Risk avoidance, horse-trading, and power-preservation explain a lot.


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Interviews This Week:


Winsome Sears the GOP candidate for Lieutenant Governor in Virginia, joined me to talk about winning back Virginia and America by among other things pursuing the black vote, and talking about school choice and the reality that public schools are failing to educate and lift up too many precious young black children.



Lynn Davenport and Meg Bakich These two stellar activist moms in Dallas gave us great firsthand knowledge about how Critical Race Theory (CRT) is already in almost all public and private schools AND is brought in via digital, online learning in subjects as diverse as history, math, English, and many others.

Amazingly, the providers of these online “learning” sources actually admit that they infuse social justice warrior and CRT messages into their materials  intentionally and for the purpose of persuading (propagandizing!) children and for the further purpose of having those kids in turn propagandize their parents.


Blog Posts this week:


“The Pandemic was for the Vaccine” — ??

 Victor Davis Hanson in American Greatness: “The New Regressive Dark Ages”


News about Our Special Thursday Shows for Members: 


This past week on the AmericaCanWeTalk Thursday June 3rd we were joined by former Texas State Rep Matt Rinaldi who is a widely respected conservative voice in Texas, and who talked about how and why a solid GOP majority legislature can fail to pass basic conservative agenda items supported by the GOP voting base.


This coming week, Gordon Chang, renowned expert on China, will join us to talk about the latest on China’s international aggression, and how the current administration responds to China’s threats. Covid, trade, energy, and China’s aggression on American soil will all be topics on the table.


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