Wonder if ‘2000 Mules’ is having an effect?

Wonder if ‘2000 Mules’ is having an effect?

Be prepared for a few f-bombs in this clip and chuckle while admiring the passion involved in the amateur level of production behind it.  But make no mistake: this is America rising up; this is the heartland speaking up.  This is not a lonely voice in the wilderness; this is one of tens and soon-to-be hundreds of millions of Americans and other ‘citizens of the world’.

To paraphrase, hell hath no fury like a good and righteous people scorned and ridiculed and cheated by a corrupt and morally depraved ruling class.

The proof of outcome-changing election fraud has long been obvious to anyone honest enough to look at the evidence, and the ballot trafficking captured in 2000 Mules is not nearly as consequential as the fraud achieved via corrupt voting machines (see Mesa County, Colorado).  But there is something about watching video of mules in action that puts everything into focus, for everyone.

The 2020 election was stolen.  Trump defeated Biden in a landslide.  Period. Full stop.

The bag of mass psychosis/mental manipulation tricks of the intelligence agencies is not adequate to stop a universal moral uprising.  To paraphrase Bush 41 in his comments on Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait, ‘this [election fraud] will not stand’.

Watch the video, here.