You Will Be Made to Care – About Religion

You Will Be Made to Care – About Religion

All Americans ought to be encouraged to read Nonie Darwish’ new book “Wholly Different – Why I Chose Biblical Values Over Islamic Values”.  Because, as Andrew Klavan has suggested (and we noted in an earlier posting), whether we like it or not, humanity is at war over the nature of God—the God of the Bible vs. the Allah of the Koran.

Ms. Darwish’ book is an intelligent, informed, heartfelt and eye-opening look at the implications of winning or losing that war.

This war over the nature of God is hardly the first of its kind in human history, but it may be the first to have the effect of aggressively challenging atheism.

The secular elites of America and other parts of Western civilization have long under-appreciated (or perhaps even been unaware of) the luxury that its culture affords to atheists.  Judeo-Christian civilization maintains a largely ‘live and let live’ ethos, which provides freedom and plenty of breathing room for non-believers.

Not so in Islamic supremacist societies.  Non-Muslims are infidels to be converted or killed.  There is no option for the non-believer.

Western secular elites don’t want to face this fact; they will deny, obfuscate and try to rationalize their way into a belief that the comfort and stability of western civilization is automatically sustainable independent of religion.  But it won’t work and it won’t last; Islamists will see to that.

Western secular elites will twist themselves into pretzels trying to argue for the moral equivalence (or more accurately, the equal irrelevance) of all religions.  But this is cowardice borne of arrogant ignorance, and it is not going to be sustainable in this era.

Read Ms. Darwish’ book.  Challenge yourself to become accurately and fully informed of the differences between the life and teachings of Christ Jesus and the life and teachings of Mohammed.

There is no moral equivalence between a society based on Biblical values and a society based on Islamic values.  The society based on Biblical values is better.  Period. Full stop.  The society based on Islamic values is dark, oppressive, violent, hateful and angry.  But Islamic values are all about conquest, about establishment of a global caliphate, with no rest until it is achieved.

The atheists and other secular elites will not be able to tut-tut about the silliness of it all.  They will not be permitted to mock all religion.  Because if the God of the Bible remains dominant, they will have the freedom of conscience to believe, not believe or just doubt.  But if the Allah of the Koran becomes dominant, they are marked for submission or eradication.

Neutrality will not be an option.  Waiting it out in the hopes the conflict will just go away or maybe die down for lack of participants will not be an option.  Compromise and accommodation will not be an option.  Islamists won’t allow any of them.

All of humanity will be made to care about religion.

Let’s hope this caring will lead to spiritual reawakening on a scale unseen in world history; let’s hope the Bible’s historically central place of honor and even reverence in western civilization will be restored and refreshed for the benefit of all.

Paul Gable