REPOST/UPDATE AG Barr – You Might Want to Rethink Obama and Biden

REPOST/UPDATE AG Barr – You Might Want to Rethink Obama and Biden

Update – August 6, 2020:  Andrew Weissmann, the quintessential hard left partisan hack with a law degree, the pit-bull of the Mueller investigation (and for all intents and purposes the man who ran the Mueller investigation), has weighed in with a NYT op-ed calling on all DOJ attorneys involved in the Barr/Durham investigation to refuse to keep working because of yet another hallowed tradition of shutting down any DOJ activity with political overtones 90 days before an election.

Weissmann should have been disbarred years ago for what Sidney Powell chronicled in “License to Lie”; and disbarment is the least punishment he ought to be fearing from Barr/Durham.  Weissmann knew from the outset of the Mueller investigation that there was no evidence to back it up; that it was the insurance policy for getting rid of President Trump; and he acted like an organized crime boss in carrying out his mission (see the details of Roger Stone’s arrest).  The truth just held him up.

Weissmann’s op-ed signals fear among the coup cabal, and rightly so. Biden’s consideration of Susan Rice as the possible VP candidate is another signal of fear–she checks a few group identity boxes but her real value may be her ability (according to Weissmann/Deep State wisdom) to piggyback on Weissman’s argument and make a Biden/Rice ticket bulletproof against aggressive Obamagate prosecution initiated by Barr/Durham.

This is yet another indication that AG Bill Barr is very soon going to be put to the test of a lifetime:  what does integrity and character mean to an American patriot serving as Attorney General of the United States of America in 2020?

When the post below was made over two months ago, Barr had publicly signaled Obama and Biden would be off limits from Durham’s investigation.  But it was unclear whether his signal was based on full knowledge of what Obama and Biden had actually done, or whether it was mostly invoking DOJ tradition against political prosecution of former Presidents and Vice Presidents.

Our hunch is that it was the latter; that Barr and Durham and all the Beltway elite have been slow to recognize–and instinctively resistant to even entertaining in thought of–the scope of premeditated treasonous criminality that both Obama and Biden were directly and knowingly and purposefully involved with in creating and carrying out the Russia collusion hoax.

But thanks in large part to Sundance at Conservative Treehouse, there are millions of Americans who have recognized this fact for years, and because of recent Beltway briefing activity by Sundance, many among the Beltway elite now recognize it, too.

And so it is mega-soul-searching time for AG Barr.  Of course Americans don’t like the idea of prosecuting those who held the highest positions in the country.  Of course Americans know Barack Obama was the first black President, and in the midst of massive, orchestrated BLM agitation all across America, the idea of prosecuting Obama (or Biden) would appear to be foolish and even dangerous from a pragmatic perspective.

But the reality is that what Obama and Biden did profoundly and severely threatened the very survival of America under the Constitution.  They made the DOJ and FBI into organized, weaponized liars for the purpose of destroying political opponents.  And it really wasn’t just annoyance with Donald Trump as a personality; it was because Trump’s presence threatened their ability to complete the ‘fundamental transformation’/leftist destruction of American freedom that they had begun eight years prior.

Framing a successor President for the purpose of removing him as President is the crime of treason–or there is no such crime.  And if treason by a President isn’t prosecutable under the American rule of law, there is no justice system in America that is worthy of the name.

That there remains no accountability for Obamagate continues to threaten the very survival of America under the Constitution.

So as we suggested over two months ago, AG Barr:  You Might Want to Rethink Obama and Biden


Original Post

AG Bill Barr stepped up to calm the Beltway ruling class about a week ago, scripting a question to be asked at his press conference, and then reading from a scripted answer. The event was staged to assure the hyperventilating Pravda MSM outlets and their Democrat Party allies that at least as of the time Barr was speaking, there was no expectation that the DOJ would commence a criminal investigation of either Obama or Biden.

Barr then went on to acknowledge the extreme abuse of power experienced by the Trump campaign and by President Trump at the hands of the Obama DOJ/FBI (and Mueller). But citing the recent “Bridgegate” decision of SCOTUS, Barr tried to warn and explain to American deplorables that there can be extreme abuses of power that are nevertheless not crimes.

Even as to motives and actions that appear criminal, Barr further explained that the hallowed traditions of the DOJ and American justice require that no criminal prosecution shall be brought by the DOJ unless the DOJ believes in good faith that a crime has been committed and that they have accumulated enough evidence to believe they can prove every element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. If there are reasonable doubts as to the proof of certain elements of a particular case, the DOJ will not bring the case.

Barr also made clear that even if the Obama DOJ/FBI had abused or violated those hallowed traditions, he would not allow any ‘tit-for-tat’ response by the Barr-led DOJ that would only continue a cycle of abuse.

The wise and learned Andy McCarthy soon weighed in to applaud Barr as the voice of mature, high integrity DOJ leadership, showing the great courage required to prepare American deplorables for the probability that most or all of the coup perpetrators will not be held accountable.

To be fair, Barr did not suggest a blanket pass was about to be issued to the whole cast of characters, and in fact was quite blunt about how he sees the situation:

What happened to the President in the 2016 election and throughout the first two years of his administration was abhorrent. It was a grave injustice and it was unprecedented in American historyThe law enforcement and intelligence apparatus were involved in advancing a false and utterly baseless Russian collusion narrative against the president.  The proper investigative and prosecutive standards of the Department of Justice were abused…We saw two different standards of justice emerge: one that applied to President Trump and his associates, and the other that applied to everyone else.  We can’t allow this to ever happen againThe Durham investigation is trying to get to the bottom of what happenedThose who broke the laws will be held to account

So it’s fair to say that nobody knows for sure what Barr/Durham are going to do or not do, possibly because Barr and Durham haven’t decided. But a free pass to Obama and Biden seems baked into the cake at this point, and Americans who believe that would be a gross miscarriage of justice need to be prepared to be patted on the head by the ruling elite and told to grow up, learn from their ruling class betters, and take their oh-so-understandable but ignorant frustrations and fuhgeddaboudit.

Mr. Barr, speaking as just one deplorable, please think again about the consequences to your beloved institutions (and your country) of a free pass for Obama and Biden.

You are staking America’s future under the rule of law on your ‘take’ that the American people will ultimately live with a few perjury convictions of a couple of low-level functionaries in a massively orchestrated attempted coup by the highest officials of the Obama administration. That’s enough ‘justice’ because…tradition.

With due respect, sir, the American people are not going to accept that result.

Of course America has a hallowed tradition of not prosecuting former Presidents. It’s unseemly and dangerous as a precedent. But that hallowed tradition springs from another hallowed tradition: the peaceful transition of power after elections.

And the peaceful transition of power is built on yet another hallowed assumption, if not tradition: that successive presidential administrations, of whatever their political party or philosophy, at their core revere and respect and honor the idea that it is right to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Obama/Biden administration generally, and Barack Obama and Joe Biden specifically, led behavior that was and is a mockery of the idea of peaceful transition of power and tried to frame innocent people and execute a coup to effectively overthrow the Constitution.

If there is ever to be an exception to traditions of not prosecuting former Presidents or Vice-Presidents, this ought to be it. Their behavior goes to the very core of whether America’s government under the Constitution is to survive, or whether an elite cabal can take it over next time, if they are just a little more clever and deceitful.

To hell with giving them a pass. Get to the bottom of what happened. Tell the American people what you find. Pull no punches. The American people can handle the truth; they can’t handle more ruling class obfuscation and condescension.

There is fear in some circles, or a practical calculation, that holding Barack Obama accountable for his actions will cause terrible damage to race relations, and that black Americans especially would be offended and outraged. But that assumption is like Joe Biden’s leftist/racist mindset declaring that black Americans think only one way; that criminal and even treasonous abuse of power is not objectionable to Americans with black skin so long as the criminal and treasonous abuse of power is carried out by someone of the same skin color. How profoundly racist and insulting that is toward black Americans!

This isn’t a call for indictment, prosecution and jail time for Obama and Biden, per se. It is a call that such possibilities should not be blithely ruled out for any reason of ‘tradition’; a call to tell the full truth to the American people about what a full investigation shows that these two men did.

If your eventual judgment is that maybe crimes were committed but it is too hard to prove ‘conspiracy’ beyond a reasonable doubt, then say so. At least you’d be saying there were crimes, but you can’t prove them beyond a reasonable doubt.

If your response is that this conspiracy ought to be a crime, but Congress has never said so and so the DOJ’s hands are tied…then recommend legislation that Congress can pass so that a future Attorney General will be able to discern that conspiracy to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States is a crime.

The stakes could not be higher. The American people already know far more about what happened than the Beltway MSM would have you believe. It you stick with your scripted answer exempting Obama and Biden as the final say no matter what further disclosures come out, you will have done incalculable and probably irreparable damage to the rule of law you seek to preserve.

The least of that damage:  Americans will dismiss for a generation or more any respect for the integrity of the FBI and DOJ and every subordinate level of law enforcement in the country. In every jury selection process for at least the next 30 years, the trial judge that asks potential jurors about their predispositions toward law enforcement and the prosecutors is going to get an earful: the answer is zero trust in any of them, and even a presumption that they framed the defendant and fabricated evidence and engaged in vindictive prosecution, particularly if the ‘crime’ at issue can be characterized as having any political flavor to it. The further result will be presumptive acquittals.

You may think you can shrug all of this off as the unfortunate abusive but non-criminal legacy of the Obama cabal, but it will be your legacy.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?