Conservative Treehouse is a National Treasure

Conservative Treehouse is a National Treasure

Americans are searching far and wide for confident, optimistic, pro-American, conservative, Christian faith and leadership amid the chaos of 2020.  There is a lot more of it in America than the MSM would have you believe, although it is fair to say not much of it resides among the current roster of elected Republican officials.  America needs new patriot blood in Washington DC and throughout the country.

“Sundance” at the website Conservative Treehouse is standing up and standing out as an example of this new blood.  Do yourself and your friends a favor by reading and sharing his recent post:  “Perspective:  You are in Fort McHenry”.

He may or may not publicly shed the pseudonym and run for office, but not all leadership has to be for the cameras.  Serious, substantive thinking, intelligence, faith, moral courage, conviction and determination are what’s needed.

Sundance has set an example by trusting his instincts or ‘spidey senses’ and tirelessly pursuing research and dot-connecting in the vast Obamagate scandal, and he has apparently made a recent pilgrimage to the Beltway to deliver his detailed case presentation so as to make sure enough people in the right positions of power realize just how much he and CTH readers and Americans at large already know about the plot(s) and the perpetrators.

The logic is:  if those in power know how much the people know, they won’t be tempted into cover-ups and ‘show justice’ that tries to sweep this most monumentally vile scandal in American history off the front pages and out of the history books.

CTH has a unique place in the alternative media/internet sleuthing world, and has demonstrated the power of one determined voice in a media landscape that seems dominated by leftist narratives and those who concoct and spread them.

Americans know there is good authority for the proposition that knowing the truth will set them free.  Kudos to Sundance at CTH for sticking with that good authority.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?

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