LA County Supervisors: Flashpoint for the Second American Revolution? (Updated)

LA County Supervisors: Flashpoint for the Second American Revolution? (Updated)

The LA County Board of Supervisors announced on May 12th a three-month extension of lock down or stay-at-home orders.

The LA Times concurrently reported that LA County’s death toll stood at 1,613, which is said to be over half of the total for the entire state of California.

California has an estimated population of around 40 million people.   Which means coronavirus deaths in California represent around 0.000075 of the population, or about one thousandth of one percent. And for this, all of Los Angeles will be subject to three more months of lockdown.

This is absurd and outrageous on its face. Lethality rates for Covid-19 based on actual data do not justify this action in any way, shape, manner or form.

There isn’t a shred of any ‘science’ backing up this decision; just political blather about insufficient testing making it too dangerous to conclude the worst is over.

But in one of the bluest of blue states—home to Speaker Nancy Pelosi–this looks very much like a coordinated leftist strategy to effectively bankrupt LA County, encourage blue Santa Clara County to do something similar and effectively bankrupt the home of the Silicon Valley, and with those two counties collapsed, California itself becomes a total basket case.

Enter Nancy Pelosi’s $3 trillion next phase of the national rescue…positioned against Trump’s threat to withhold funding to fiscally irresponsible blue states (and sanctuary cities/states)…The leftists 2020 theme: “Bad Trump is killing Californians if he blocks rescue funding!

And how convenient that Dr. Fauci just delivered to Congress his warning of unnecessary death and suffering if states open prematurely. Perfect cover for the ‘statesmen’ of the blue states to extend tyranny for however many months they feel like extending it.

America didn’t have the money for the first $2 trillion rescue package; another $3 trillion is complete fantasy—a total delusion. It is simply a ticket to financial oblivion for America, eventually driving Americans to their knees with anger and frustration and confusion.

These appear to be leftist tactics to set the people of closed blue states against the people of opening red states—a sort of oft-conjectured plot to foment a second civil war and destroy the American Constitutional Republic.

Leftists have never understood America or American history, and they are going to fail. They may yet provoke a war, but it will not be akin to a second civil war. It will be more like a second American Revolution, driven by newly awakened American patriots demanding their freedom from tyrannical leftist governments wherever they appear.

The most ubiquitous assumption of the left is that the voters of blue states are either (1) superior people who understand the brilliance of leftism, or (2) nothing more than dependent blue sheep who follow their leaders—but in either case, they are reliably loyal, docile and subservient to their blue leaders.

They are assumed to not have the ‘freedom gene’ and the spirit of pushback that goes with it. They are assumed to be willing to take a three-month lockdown extension with nothing but sincere appreciation for the wisdom and compassion of their blue leaders.

The ubiquitous leftist assumption is dead wrong. Blue California is the result of many factors and trends over many years, but the love of freedom still lives in every heart. It may be dormant to the point of appearing extinguished, but it is still there. It is being stirred; a new time for choosing is becoming evident to all.  (Update May 13, 2020:  with 100% of precincts reporting, Republican Mike Garcia won the special election in California’s CD 25, flipping the seat formerly held by resigned Democrat Katie Hill.  Garcia won by more than 12 points.  Hillary carried this district by 7 points in 2016, and Hill won it in 2018 by 9 points.  “The ubiquitous leftist assumption is dead wrong.”)

President Trump needs to step up in the bully pulpit, and speak directly to Californians: “Your freedoms are being taken away capriciously, and this is because an agenda is at work, and that agenda is not an agenda of concern for your health. It’s an agenda to kill freedom and prosperity in America. We at the White House know: there is nothing red or blue about the preservation of freedom; it is up, or down—for all.”

Even the bluest ruling class politicians have a way of changing their minds, if they become sufficiently fearful that they do not have control of the people they profess to rule.  (See Update above)

It’s time for Californians to find their inner American (follow the lead of Elon Musk) and Americans outside California to support them. Civil disobedience needs to take to the streets, and grow and spread everywhere…and leftist politicians need to be disabused of the phony premise that love of freedom is a 50/50 proposition in a divided America. It’s not.

And besides, “it doesn’t take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men”.

Then, as President Trump would say, “Let’s see what happens.”

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