Lies Eventually Lose Their Power to Deceive—Therein Lies Hope for America

Lies Eventually Lose Their Power to Deceive—Therein Lies Hope for America

George Soros and his fellow radical leftists (including those in the American Deep State) may think they are riding high toward a leftist overthrow of the United States of America.  But their movement is built on lies, and while those lies have, as the saying goes, made it around the world several times before truth had a chance to put its pants on, there’s growing evidence that truth does have its pants on, and has entered the ring.  The lies are going to lose their power to deceive, and that’s reason for hope in America.

Let’s look at a few of those lies.

  1. The Russia collusion investigation of candidate and then President Donald Trump and those associated with him was a legitimate exercise of law enforcement power…maybe a little overzealous and even mistaken in a few particulars, but legitimate and no big deal to America and Americans.

The Russia collusion investigation was a fraudulent, willful, wicked, massive conspiracy to rig a US election by the CIA, FBI, DOJ and a host of others, and when that failed, to undo it.  The perpetrators knew exactly what they were doing throughout; they lied and leaked with impunity in pursuit of their objective of removing Trump; and American media and incumbent politicians in both parties were co-conspirators in what amounted to an attempted overthrow of the duly elected US President.  Whether the official legal name for it is sedition or treason or conspiracy to deny civil rights, it is the very height of criminality in government, and therefore no punishment is too severe for the guilty.

Millions of Americans know this, and they know the perpetrators very clearly include Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

The motivation for the perpetrators’ behavior cannot be explained solely by personal animus toward Donald Trump; there is a depth and breadth of corruption and perversion and darkness inside the Beltway that lies back of this get-Trump-at-all-costs behavior, and is near exposure, and the perpetrators know it.

Neither the MSM nor Barr/Durham are going to be able to sell the American people a pick-off-the-little-guys-and-let-the-rest-go remedy, or a wait-past-November, run-from-responsibility answer.

The leftist lies that propped up the Russia collusion investigation are out of gas.  Truth made it into the fight, and now the American people know too much to ever accept any more lies on this topic.  They are going to demand the delivery of justice, and they will not rest until they get it.  And when they do get it, other lies will also unravel.

  1. America is still in the death grip of the mysterious covid-19 pandemic.

A rise in new ‘cases’ is demonstrably not the same as a rise in danger; apart from false positives and false reports, most new cases are mild or asymptomatic.  And a total of 4 million coronavirus ‘cases’ nationwide is roughly 56 million fewer than the number of swine flu cases in lockdown-free 2009.

Hydroxychloroquine is clearly established as an efficacious remedy—to the point where it may now constitute medical malpractice NOT to prescribe it earlyBudesonide/inhaled steroids are also producing cures.  Covid-19 is no longer mysterious.

There is no science-based reason to continue any aspect of the lockdowns.  America has endured many flu seasons with worse infection and lethality rates.

The only death grip is the manufactured-via-lies death grip of fear put out by the get-Trump leftist media, and their accomplices in blue state elected offices and in America’s (Deep State) public health institutions.

A death grip of fear can be a hard one to break, but the lies about the severity and ‘un-treatability’ of covid-19 are being exposed, and the colossal balloon of fear has been punctured and will not be patched.  More lies are not going to work to re-inflate the balloon.

The passage of time will make more and more Americans resent the hell out of being told that mask-wearing is a legitimate government-ordered act of unselfishness required to fight an inscrutable, invincible disease—because that just ain’t so.

The lies run out of gas, even when they are attempting to leverage the fear of death.

Will the all-out gazillion dollar effort to rush a vaccine to the masses be called off?  The betting answer would have to be no; there is simply too much money and too many egos invested in the vaccine-as-the-only-solution story.  But again, the truth that is emerging on effective therapies and declining severity and very low lethality suggests the answer ought to be yes.  Time may deliver a surprise.

  1. BLM is a peaceful American social justice movement standing up for the importance of all black lives.

BLM is a self-proclaimed Marxist organization (itself springing from a lie about Trayvon Martin’s death as a ‘racial’ incident) seeking the violent overthrow of American government and Judeo-Christian culture.  This is not even remotely disputable; BLM leaders themselves do not dispute it.

There is no excuse whatsoever for Bank of America or any American corporation to not know this truth.  And it is beyond inexcusable and on to unconscionable and even stupid for Bank of America or any others to then donate to this organization that openly seeks the destruction of the free market capitalist system that enabled those corporations to have money available to donate in the first place.

For Adam Silver and the NBA to align its brand with this BLM fraud will be the end of the NBA.   The NBA (and NFL and MLB) are so filled with a sense of cultural power that they think they can make themselves exempt from the consequences of standing on lies, or that they can lie their way into defining their own truth. They cannot do either.

It is a stone-cold leftist lie to claim BLM is an honest organization that operates peacefully and in good faith to help the lives of all black Americans.  No amount of marketing expertise/spin or public denial or wishful thinking will change this lie into truth.  Marcellus Wiley lit a spark in sports/pop culture that showed that truth has entered the arena; Sam Coonrod confirmed it.


Does any of this mean George Soros and the radical left are about to surrender or make a U turn as to their goals or direction?  No.

But here’s the reason for hope: all of the money in the world; all of the manufactured ‘cancel culture’ peer pressure in the world; even all of the guns of the world in the hands of a single party, cannot make 2+2 equal anything but 4.

They can appear for a while to make everyone believe 2+2 equals 5 or 15 or some other number; they can claim new power and new authority to overrule 2+2 = 4; they can threaten, ostracize or even execute anyone who insists 2+2 = 4.

But they cannot change the truth.  2+2=4.  If they make their stand on lies, they are the proverbial house built on sand that will eventually collapse.

  1. In deliberately sabotaging Trump’s campaign and Presidency with complete fabrications, Barack Obama and his administration, America’s mainstream media, and members of America’s ruling class engaged in criminal abuse of power that is itself the proximate cause of much of America’s current unrest. They will not escape accountability for their lies.


  1. Covid-19 is no longer mysterious and its existence is no longer a pandemic. It does not warrant continued panic or paralysis, nor does an as yet undeveloped vaccine hold the keys to the very concept of continuity of life in America or the world.


  1. America is not a racist country—systemically or otherwise—and BLM Marxism is never a help to black lives or any lives but is always poison to all lives wherever it takes root.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?