Patrick Byrne has been the subject of many previous posts on this site (see here and here).  He’s never backed off from his detailed perspective on the election fraud in 2020, and he seems singularly familiar with yet unintimidated by what he calls the ‘goons’.   His latest is a useful survey of the election fraud landscape as of the end of September 2021.

There are not going to be enough leftist fingers to plug all the holes in the ‘most secure election in history’ fantasy; the dike will not hold.

An important reminder from Byrne’s most recent post:

There is a word you have not yet read: “Trump”. That is because this is not about Donald Trump. He has made clear publicly he is not particularly keen on me, and to me he made clear he knew I had said uncharitable things about him years ago. That said, in our four hours together he was gracious towards me, and as I have made clear elsewhere, I liked him more than I had expected. All of which has precisely 0 to do with the matter at hand. The matter at hand is, If an election can be as dirty as Maricopa’s has turned out to be, given all the institutional vouching that has been done about it, what reason is there to believe in any election nationwide? Apparently the authorities are capable of being wrong or tricked…. or are they in on it? If this is rigged then are they who are behind the rig taking our country over permanently?


1_) I sincerely regret the emotional trauma some of you experienced when 1/1000th of the January 6 rally turned unruly. That was surely an ethical, tactical, and strategic error of those who involved. Please accept my condolences for the fear and trauma any of you experienced on January 6 in the US Capitol at the hands of any in the MAGA movement.

2) While I do not claim to have originated the idea of the January 4-6 rally, I welcomed it, and in the weeks leading up to it repeatedly invited citizens to rally in Washington DC January 4-6 to register objection to an election we saw as rigged. While some were distressed at the putative defeat of a president they loved, the distress of many originated in clear insult to the foundational principle of our republic, that principle being (as our Declaration’s opening phrases it), “just government derives its power from the consent of the governed” (such consent being determined in elections that are free, fair, and transparent, we believe). November 3’s election had been anything but free, fair, and transparent, and millions decided to assemble in DC on January 6 to petition our government for redress of grievance.

3) In all interviews before the rally I emphasized that it was to be peaceful, with language such as, “We don’t raise hell. We’re not the violent guys. We’re better than the other guys. Several steps better than the other guys. The other guys are probably going to try to bring violence and intimidation. Let’s show them with love and in peace that we are not going to be intimidated… Only we’re going to do it peaceably. We’re not going to be like the goons… We want to have the moral high ground… We want to be better than the other guys…” [i] In radio and podcast interviews I repeated such exhortations, and on January 5 published an essay drawing attention to the need for those in the rally to ignore or suppress anyone inciting violence, tweeting it to ≈ 300,000 followers, twice.[ii]

4) On the morning of January 6, the January 5 Georgia Senate Run-off  results appeared. The data showed egregious artifacts of manipulation.[iii] Perhaps for this reason, temperatures on January 6 were running higher than they otherwise might.

5) Investigation into Maricopa’s November 3 election has uncovered massive election fraud, vindicating the concerns (not the unruliness) of those who rallied on January 6.

A) CANVASS – A 4,500-interview door-to-door canvass was disclosed two weeks ago. The canvassing organization asked five benign questions (none of which were any form of, “For whom did you vote?”) They report that citizens overwhelmingly welcomed their interviews, providing robust documentation and asking, What took you so long?

  1. Maricopa has 2.6 million registered voters, of whom 2.1 million voted November 3.
    1. Thus, 500,000 did not vote.
    2. Yet of the 500,000 who did not vote, ≈170,000 (34%) think they did vote. Many are adamant, telling stories about driving to the polls or mailing their ballots, and providing witnesses. Many have given affidavits to this effect.
    3. Thus, it seems that 170,000 Maricopans experienced voter suppression.
  2. Of 2.1 million Maricopa voters who voted (per the records), ≈100,000 are ghosts. The humans do not exist (which explains such arcane mysteries as 52 ballots being mailed from a 2-bedroom home, or ballots being mailed from empty sandlots).
  3. Another 30,000 ballots which people say they voted in-person do not show up, but those same 30,000 people show up as having voted-by-mail. What happened to their in-person votes, and from where came their vote-by-mail votes?
  4. In sum, at the low end of the estimate the Maricopa canvass reveals at least ≈300,000 suppressed votes and stuffed ballots, and at the high-end the estimate is over 400,000. That is to say, 15% – 20% of the votes in Maricopa were either suppressed or stuffed. This swamps the outcome of 12 down-ballot races (two of which were Maricopa Board of Supervisors who won by tiny margins and who have since spent their time attacking the audit). The Maricopa rig also swamped the presidential race in Arizona, which was decided by 10,457 votes.

B) FORENSIC AUDIT A Maricopa County forensic audit delivered last week revealed:

  1. Maricopa deleted 1 million election files the day before turning their equipment over;
  2. What was left did not reconcile or “tick-and-tie” with anything or itself;
  3. There are 255,326 Early Votes with no provenance (they just appeared);
  4. The digital images of 284,412 ballots are corrupted so they cannot be checked;
  5. There are at least 57,734 ballots with illegal provenance (e.g., voters who moved out of state decades ago still having ballots returned from their former address);
  6. There are 34,448 (unambiguously illegal) photocopies from 17,126 voters;
  7. There were 15 other felonies occurred whose effects cannot be quantified;
  8. A heat map showing signature-legibility percentage flipped from 95% legible and 5% illegible four weeks before the election to an inverse relationship of 5% legible and 95% illegible four days after the election;
  9. Thousands of images of ballot envelopes have an approval stamp behind the graphics of the envelope, suggesting tampering;
  10. A 25% surge in duplicates from November 4 to November 9th;
  11. There were 1,919 blank signatures stamped as approved;
  12. There were 587 bad signatures;
  13. There were 934 late returns that should not have been counted;
  14. There were 2,580 “scribble” signatures.
  15. There were 9,041 more mail ballots returned and recorded than official number sent.
  16. There were 3,432 more ballots cast than people who cast a vote.
  17. Another 23,344 people show as voting via mail-in-ballot even though they had moved and no one with their name shows as living at their old address.
  18. There were 2,600 excess duplicate ballots.
  19. There were 2,382 people who voted in person after having moved out of the county.
  20. There were 5,047 who voted in more than one county for up to 5,295 votes.
  21. At least one batch of 50 ballots was tabulated twice.
  22. The VM55 holds 255,326 Early Votes that do not have a corresponding EV33 entry.
  23. Deceased people voted 282 times.
  24. There were 393 ballots with incomplete names.
  25. There were 2,861 voters who shared an AFFSEQ number with another voter.
  26. There were days when 92% of the ballots received were all duplicates.
  27. Pre-Meditated Fraud: Votes were pre-printed, “certified and approved”.
  28. Ben Cotton described massive IT and Cybersecurity Issues and confirmed the Maricopa County system was breached during the 2020 election.
  29. There were 1,064,746 Election files deleted. Many contained scanned ballots.
  30. There were 284,412 Ballot images on the EMS that were corrupt or missing.
  31. There were 27, 807 ballots cast from individuals who had moved before the election.
  32. After election day, 95% of signatures were illegible (versus 5% before).
  33. Hundreds of ballots had incomplete names.
  34. Hundreds of people flagged as deceased prior to October 5, 2020, voted anyway.
  35. Audit Interference: Runbeck Election Services is a private company that printed the ballots for Maricopa county. When asked questions by Cyber Ninjas, Runbeck said that Maricopa County instructed them to not speak with Cyber Ninjas.
  36. IMPROPER PAPER UTILIZED: A large number of in-person ballots used paper not recommended by the manufacturer of the tabulators.
  37. HIGH BLEED-THROUGH RATES ON BALLOTS: Many ballots from in-person voting experienced bleed-through (marks from one-side of the ballot were clearly visible on the other side of the ballot). This does not happen when the manufacturer recommended paper is utilized.
  38. OUT OF CALIBRATION BALLOT PRINTERS: A large number of ballots appear to have been printed on printers not properly calibrated. This means that the front page of the ballot is not consistently aligned with the back page of the ballot. This is contrary to manufacturer guidelines and recommendations and could theoretically result in inconstant reading of votes across all the different tabulators.
  39. Maricopa’s systems violate CISA/industry standard cyber-security best practices.
  40. The machines were connected to the internet.
  41. No security patches were done in 2 years since purchase.
  42. No anti-virus definitions were updated in 2 years since purchase.
  43. .exe files were found all over the server hard drives with modifications done.
  44. One Administrator name and password was used for ALL machines in the county.
  45. Logs produced by Maricopa County did not contain the Windows Security Logs.
  46. Security logs, set to maintain 20MB of data, erased the DAY before the audit began.
  47. Intentional overwriting of the Security Logs by the EMSADMIN account.
    1. 2/11/2021 – 462 log entries overwritten
    2. 3/3/2021 – 37,686 log entries overwritten
    3. 4/12/2021 – 330 log entries overwritten
    4. Oldest date in Windows Security Log was 2/5/21 (didn’t cover election).
  48. Hardware Configuration Issues
    1. Dual Boot configuration discovered on Adjudication 02 Endpoint.
    2. Two hard drives internal to system
      1. Both drives bootable to different configurations
      2. Clearly not an approved configuration
      3. Second hard drive contained non-Maricopa County Election Data (from South Carolina And Washington State).

Note that this is all that was found only because Maricopa has refused to supply important subpoenaed items:

  • Rejected provisional ballots;
  • Unsecured mail ballots;
  • Ballots returned to the County as undeliverable.

Our craven and reading-comprehension-challenged Mainstream Media laughably summarizes this pig’s breakfast: “Maricopa audit shows Biden still won by 10,800 votes.”

Good luck making that stick.

6) The Attorney General of Arizona, Mark Brnovich, is not so reading-comprehension-challenged as the MSM. We already knew that because of the fine brushback pitch he threw at the United States Department of Justice in June, reminding them about who created whom and where the Constitution assigns discretion to manage elections.[iv]

This Monday AG Brnovich’s office continued to demonstrate its literacy by sending a muscular letter to the Senate asking for the entire production of the Maricopa Audit,[v] and sending a serious-as-a-heart-attack letter to the County telling them to preserve their records.[vi] Taken together, that means the efforts by the RINO Establishment of Arizona to throttle down what got included in the Senate report were for naught: it all goes to the AG.[vii]

Everyone’s cards are getting laid on the table. Everyone is going-for-broke.

DeepCapture’s 15 year arc reaches apogee and bursts: a man with a badge, a gun, and an ambition is investigating the corruption we are naming. It is the Götterdämmerung.[viii]

7) Since November 10, 2020, I have been calling for “opening the ballot boxes” in six counties (those holding Las Vegas, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta), predicting that one would find between 300,000 and 600,000 votes of election fraud in each of them. In only one of the six did an investigation come to pass (Maricopa County, Arizona), and the number of fake and suppressed votes comes to 300,000 – 400,000 (per a canvass that was conducted), or 15%-20% of the ballots cast, and somewhere in the low hundreds of thousands (per a forensic audit).

To any rational person who is open to evidence, this a settled question.

Of course you’d say that Byrne,” I hear the choagies cry, “With Maricopa you’re batting 1000 and we’re batting .0000!” So out of good sportsmanship I offer double or nothing: choose from the other five cities, Choagies, I’ll organize funding, and we will do it again.

But perhaps the Election Fraud Denial camp might practice a moment of sportsmanship themselves, and realize what their denialism has cost us as a nation. Perhaps it is time they let us move on to the next step. Now that we know the truth of Maricopa, citizens everywhere are reflecting on all the institutions of society that asked them to dismiss these claims as “baseless”: DHS and CISA (“the most secure election in history”), the state courts, the DOJ, the FEC, Mainstream Media, and politicians of all stripes. They were wrong: the Maricopa ballot boxes were at least 15% and perhaps as much as 20% suppressed and stuffed, as an extensive canvass revealed and a Senate-organized audit has corroborated. It was high-tech ballot stuffing and suppression, no doubt, but no different in principle than the Tammany Hall of yesteryear. The presidential race in Arizona was decided by 10,457 votes, of which we now know that over 57,000 were illegal and several hundred thousand may have been fake. If we ignore this, then we should dispense with the whole charade and usher in an unelected uniparty of elites.

Let the Hunger Games Begin!

Otherwise, perhaps it is time for the Election Fraud Denial camp to pipe down a bit. Along with all the institutions of society that dismissed, canceled, and threatened tens of millions who saw the truth immediately and fought for it to be revealed.

8) Which brings us back to Congress.

The mystery of what happened at the Capitol on January 6 remains unresolved, and I welcome honest Congressional investigation into its origins. But since Congress is making such a production out of finding that origin, and since that origin is partially with me (in that I publicly echoed calls for peaceful assembly on January 4-6), and since I am also he who helped Arizona citizens nurture the conditions of the Maricopa audit into existence, and arranged the better part of its funding, and this audit vindicates the concerns of those January 6 rally-goers, I think it only right and proper that I offer to meet to address questions or concerns you may have.

Please be forewarned that I will take these two additional positions:

9) Those who suppressed and stuffed Maricopa ballot boxes 15-20%, thus flipping Arizona’s 11 electoral votes and swinging 22 electoral votes, are the real “Insurrectionists”. They betrayed our Constitution, not the citizens who saw through the scheme that has now been exposed in Arizona (and which I am confident would be exposed in five other states if other audits went forward), saw the import of a hijacked national election, rallied, and some minute fraction of which grew unruly (from their lack of discipline, or from agitation, as honest Congressional inquiry would discover).

10) That terrible feeling of fear that you experienced on January 6 at the hands of those unruly and misguided protesters (and whatever agents provocateurs existed amongst the crowd and police), that crippling insecurity that traumatized you, you are now visiting on hundreds of millions of other citizens. Because they are afraid. That is because they get the joke: only 31% of Americans will tell a pollster they believe Biden won fair and square, while 69% say that fraud was “Significant”, “Very Significant”, or they are “Unsure”. And that was before this month’s news about Maricopa’s canvassing results and forensic audit.


So over 2/3 of Americans believe they have a government of uncertain legitimacy that, since the day it entered office, has seemed unusually keen to make three changes:

  • To change election law to disrupt Constitutional tenets (e.g., States manage their elections), but would forever enable Maricopa-style election fraud nationwide;
  • To change the electorate by jamming through the citizenship of tens of millions;
  • To change the Supreme Court by stacking it so it sprinkles Holy Water on this mess.

Naturally enough, 69% of the citizenry smells skunk. In addition, the aversion of MSM to treating any of this with a modicum of intellectual honesty has led anyone with an IQ above room temperature to suspect that we are living through an engineered reality.[ix]

That’s why it feels weird, I assure all. It is supposed to be weird. The price to exit Weird is to accept a new engineered reality where 15-20% ballot stuffing is gaslit as “baseless”. The price to exit Weird and regain Normal is: “Let our Constitutional Republic die.”

Just tell me when, and I’ll come.  I don’t need a lawyer. Let’s skip a few steps and meet.

Most cordially and respectfully,

Patrick M. Byrne

PS There is a word you have not yet read: “Trump”. That is because this is not about Donald Trump. He has made clear publicly he is not particularly keen on me, and to me he made clear he knew I had said uncharitable things about him years ago. That said, in our four hours together he was gracious towards me, and as I have made clear elsewhere, I liked him more than I had expected. All of which has precisely 0 to do with the matter at hand. The matter at hand is, If an election can be as dirty as Maricopa’s has turned out to be, given all the institutional vouching that has been done about it, what reason is there to believe in any election nationwide? Apparently the authorities are capable of being wrong or tricked…. or are they in on it? If this is rigged then are they who are behind the rig taking our country over permanently?

PPS In September, 2006 (15 years ago this month), seven prominent US senators from both parties had me to come alone to Washington, DC so they could make an unusual request of me. In support of their request they showed me a letter and promised me that when I needed it years down the road, it would be available unconditionally, on a “no take-backs” basis. On that point, seven US Senators shook my hand and gave me their word as gentlemen. Six of those men are still alive and three are still Senators (still from both parties and even more prominent than before).  Naturally I am not requesting any of them comment on my recent activities, but now, 15 years after they made it, I am triggering their “no take-back” promise: I respectfully request those three remaining Senators’ make that letter public. Doing so now would only be… Gentlemanly.

[i] Interview with Dr. Jerome Corsi, December 28, 2020:

For numerous more examples of my statements about peace, see those gathered here:

[ii] See, “Jerry Garcia on Confrontation & ‘The Main Asshole’” at Deepcapture:

[iii] The Georgia run-off resembled and amplified a key artifact from November 3, 2020:





[vii] As a side narrative: once all the truth is out, and voters find out all that is really there, and how RINO politicians cooperated with Democrats to keep it out of the Arizona Senate report…. That is going to be another scandal in its own right. On RINOs.

[viii] NEWSFLASH: Anyone in Arizona who has been involved with these shenanigans and who has any sense is buying a burner phone, calling the Arizona AG’s office at 602-542-4266, and saying, “I was involved with the rigging of the Arizona election. I want to meet someone as soon as possible, even today. I may be under surveillance and would like to meet in a motel. I won’t bring a lawyer.” As far as I can tell, there may have been as many as 200 people who played a role in the Maricopa Mischief: if even 1 of them goes in and talks, the whole thing will unravel, reach you eventually, and you will go down for hard time. So if you stay silent now, you are betting that not 1 in 200 people will squeal.

Good luck with that one, too.