Shadow Gate: It’s Psy-Ops All the Way Down

Shadow Gate: It’s Psy-Ops All the Way Down

Since Donald Trump came down the escalator in 2015, there has been a national, cultural, societal upheaval unlike anything ever seen in America.  The frenzy to prevent Trump from winning, and after he won, to remove him from office, has been so intense as to beggar belief.

The question that sticks in the craw:  How can one man stir up this kind of hatred and vitriol?

It couldn’t be because of a playboy billionaire lifestyle—philandering is common among politicians and people of great wealth since the beginning of time; that’s nothing to get rabid about.  It couldn’t be because he ran as a Republican—his political history prior to 2015 was largely defined by traditional Northeastern Democrat liberalism; in demeanor and in infrequent policy commentary, he was nowhere near the realm of the hated, ‘theocracy’-threatening, ‘conservative Christians’.  It couldn’t be because anyone actually knew him to be racist; until he came down the escalator, he was iconic in the hood because he wasn’t racist—he was ‘the man’ to be emulated, not hated.

The real answer to the question that sticks in the craw is coming into focus:

The Obama administration since at least 2012 was frenetically pursuing its plan to fundamentally transform the United States of America into a godless, totalitarian, leftist-controlled society—by unlawfully using the powers of the surveillance state to blackmail, and information warfare to manipulate, anyone and everyone who might stand in their way.

The candidacy and then Presidency of Donald Trump threatened to expose—and still threatens to expose—this treachery and abuse, and everyone involved in executing it.  An overwhelming majority of Americas would be flabbergasted and furious at what Obama and his administration did.  (Which is at the core of why Hillary Clinton is believably reported to have said in a drunken rage prior to November 2016, “if that f***ing bastard wins, we’ll all hang from nooses”.)

Fully exposed, the leftist Democrats might face being thrown completely out of power and relevance for a generation or more; their dream of overthrowing America dismantled for even longer.

That’s the kind of prospect that can generate a rabid, hysterical reaction.


The name ‘Millie Weaver’ is going to be rising in the American consciousness.  When you have a spare hour and 22 minutes, take a look at her documentary, “Shadow Gate” from beginning to end.  (Facebook and YouTube have, as always, taken the video down because it exposes the lies of the left; you may have to use DuckDuckGo to find a place to view it if the link above doesn’t work).

Weaver’s documentary is remarkable; it is a work of investigative journalism in the honored tradition of that genre.  It will of course be lambasted in the MSM as conspiracy theory, but watch it yourself, think for yourself.  Because on the vast topic broadly known as “ObamaGate”, Weaver has laid out the best connection of dots in the shortest amount of time that has yet become available to the public.

Long before John Durham came on the scene, then-Chief FISA court Judge Rosemary Collyer had issued an order that discerning readers recognized as laden with flashing red lights as to the Obama administration’s misuse of federal government surveillance powers.  Collyer noted thousands of unauthorized ‘queries’ and unmaskings by the Obama administration; she also noted that surveillance information was being shared with ‘private contractors’ outside the FBI and DOJ.  Judge Collyer’s order needs to be remembered as you absorb Shadow Gate.

One post can’t do justice to Shadow Gate and its implications.  But to cut to the chase: in our view, every anti-Trump scandal and meme since 2016 has been a psy-op or information warfare tactic of the Deep State/radical left against the American people or, more accurately, against the worldview and mindset of the God-fearing, freedom-loving American patriot, whether or not holding elective office—designed to demoralize him/her into ultimately voting away liberty in obeisance to an orchestrated Marxist/globalist revolution sought by Obama as the essence of his ‘fundamental transformation’.

The Russia collusion hoax.  The impeachment scam over exposure of Ukrainian corruption involving Democrats.  The economy-destroying pandemic, with unnecessary masks and extended lockdowns for something the data (and the entire country of Sweden) shows is no worse than a bad flu.  The ‘peaceful protest’ riots over ‘systemic racism’.  The ‘movement’ to defund the police.  The needless mail-in ballots becoming essential.  The polls showing double digit leads for Biden.  Concocted lies and fraudulent schemes, every one of them, and all serving the same end of first destroying Trump and then overthrowing America.  Purposeful mental manipulation, throughout.  And it continues to this day.

Beltway elites in the ‘Uniparty’ have been under the spell of the weaponized system outlined in Shadow Gate for years, and have been far more fearful of crossing Obama’s Deep State than of crossing Donald Trump.  That’s why the whole lot of them—including Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham and Ron Johnson—have dragged their feet and blocked full revelation of what transpired.

They are still afraid of (or actually supportive of) the Deep State/radical leftist power and globalist agenda; and they either do not understand or do not care how the cause of human freedom is directly jeopardized by their actions and inactions.  They seek only to retain their own perks of power; the people be damned.

Whether Bill Barr and John Durham have enough steel in their spines to out the entirety of the lies and schemes and abuses and corruption before November 3rd remains to be seen.  And even if they try, another corrupt judge like Emmet Sullivan may look for a way to block them.

But maybe it won’t matter.

The radical left is on one side and has forever sought the overthrow and dismantling of the American Republic.  Trump acted on his heartfelt love of America and soon found himself standing in their way and on the other side.  So here we are.  But the American people are catching on and lining up behind Trump.  The revolutionary war spirit still lives in Millie Weaver and millions of Americans who have sensed in their gut that there was something inauthentic, contrived or hidden about the virulence of the resistance to Donald Trump.  (Millions have already viewed Weaver’s documentary).

Americans of faith intuit that the upheaval is ultimately not about resistance to Donald Trump as an individual man; it’s not really about traditional politics, and it’s not a new phenomenon in human history.  It’s just the latest iteration of materialism/intellectualism’s angry fight against God, and more particularly, against America’s ideal of individual freedom and responsibility under God.

Think that’s a stretch?  The apostle Paul wouldn’t think so.  He started out (as Saul) fighting violently against God and His followers, but his transformation into Paul made him into one of the most insightful thinkers and writers of all time.  And he warned against exactly what is happening today.

…we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.  (KJV, Ephesians 6:11, 12) (italics added)

(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;
(KJV, II Corinthians 10:4, 5) (italics added)

Exposure of the evil of spiritual wickedness in high places, of sophisticated information warfare exalting itself into psy-ops for controlling the people, is the first and most important step toward its destruction.  Millie Weaver isn’t the only one doing the exposing, but she’s done a lot.  She deserves America’s gratitude.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?

  • D3F1ANT
    Posted at 10:33h, 18 August Reply

    Another news flash to tell us what we already know. We know it was a coup…and we know they’ll all get away with it. Barr: GET OFF YOUR ARSE. Indicting a single low-rung lawyer isn’t “Justice.”

  • Whisperin Pints
    Posted at 15:52h, 18 August Reply

    Millie’s ‘ShadowGate’ is still up on Brighteon (link below). A great documentary of the biggest crime in American history.

    Posted at 16:04h, 18 August Reply

    Barr refuses to expose the interconnectedness of NSA’s & CIA’s Artificial Intelligence programs & operations, their abusive & all invasive, domestic, electronic, spying & data collections of the American people as well as the back door access to that data, which they grant to wholly unaccountable, unsupervised, independent, quasi-governmental, private industry, corporate contractors owned & headed up by our own ex generals, (General James Jones and his son Tim & ex-CIA Directors (Clapper and Brennan) to include intelligence chiefs from foreign intelligence services.

    These same private, for profit, corporate firms are conducting all manner of propaganda & disinformation operations through our electronic & print media & are especially pervasive in conducting social media operations ( again, IIO, or Internet Influence Operations) .

    In fact, the whole reason Barr is over at the DOJ, is to prevent the exposure of the military industrial complex, the shadow government, which is really running the show. Barr is constructing a firewall. What sort of investigation is it that says at the very outset who will and won’t be questioned? If you answered a fixed, rigged investigation you answered correctly. Any “ham and egg” cop whether a uniform, or a suit can tell you. Investigations go where they go unless you don’t want to expose someone, or something. But don’t be fooled. This story is much bigger than Obama and Biden.

    The people behind Obama are conducting a government contracting and racketeering enterprise otherwise known as the military industrial complex as operated in real time, the digital information age. There’s a myriad of corporations such as Canadian Global Information, the Analysist’s Corp., Global Strategy Hub to name, but a few. CGI Federal Inc. for example, was one such private contractor to whom Muller outsourced his investigation and, for an additional $40 + million dollars, I might add. It has been asked. Why would Muller outsource an impeachment investigation of an American President to a foreign owned firm in a foreign country? Why would the US government be paying for administrative and janitorial services from said, foreign firm outsourcing the investigative duties of a Special Prosecutor? And well you might ask.

    Think you know what’s going on? Thought you knew how it all worked? Well, so did I. View this U-tube video and be prepared to be shocked. It’s much bigger than the Democratic Party, the corporate media and the globalists who control it all trying to remove Trump. It’s George Orwell’s 1949 novel, “1984” writ large and finally arrived. The “Deep state” we see exposed in Washington by our media and politicians is just the tip of the iceberg.

    The endless wars are endless profit centers. The riots across the nation were initiated and continue to be coordinated through special internet, social media operations enabled by AI fueled with Big Data & algorithms, the media’s fake polls, the shaping of public opinion, the social media’s censorship of President Trump and his supporters are all part and parcel of social media operations. These private contracting firms owned by ex-generals and intelligence officials got algorithms for all it, & whatever turns a buck is what motivates them, collusion with the globalists, China, Covid 19 lock downs.

    Trump’s election upset the apple cart. Trump now threatens to expose it all. Obama et all’s incompetent, treason and sedition leads straight to them. I suspect Barr is a plant, a covert actor from the globalist Bush Administration sent in to ham string the exposure, control the investigation and construct departmental firewalls.

    These hidden masters are using private contractors anonymous, ever changing corporations, off shore data storage and cloud operations. They are literally making fortunes by illegally upstreaming the government’s Big Data, sometimes through illegal FISA applications and other times through engineered breaches and fake hacks. They bribe and they blackmail members of congress, government officals, remember Sessions, anyone and everyone and in a pinch, they will murder too. See: Washington Times; Seith Rich.

    Roger Stone and Paul Manafort were operatives in this same digital space. They knew how it worked and sold their services, but they were on the wrong side and refused to flip. That made them unreliable and dangerous. They were operatives and Republican partisans and on the outside, not covert actors and decidely not necessarily one world globalist oriented, or commited. They weren’t a part of the military industrial complex per se. See what happened to them.

    General Flyn’s sin was that he knew how the FISA intelligence system was supposed to work. General Flyn, Obama realized would have likely discovered the ongoing, systemic, criminal racketeering by this military industrial complex cabal. He was rumored as about to reorganize it. Therefore, he too was deemed problematic and suspect by Obama. General Flyn was thought unlikely to sanction, or overlook the misuse of intelligence assets, or blatant criminality. He too had to go. In the meanwhile, Admiral Mike Rogers did discover certain breeches and irregularities and that was where the public story started, where it all began to unravel. Now finally, we can clearly see and understand everything. If AG Barr would only allow it to be properly investigated and prosecuted, we will undoubtably learn much more. He won’t.

    Now everything depends on keeping Trump alive and getting him reelected. If the American people reelect Trump and give him a Republican House and a Senate he can work with, every thing will be revealed, America will survive and surviving will grow stronger to deal with such enemies as China, N. Korea, Iran and Russia. On the other hand, in the event we fail, Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” is what we will be bequeathing to our children and our grandchildren.

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