Show Highlights – Week of February 1, 2021

Show Highlights – Week of February 1, 2021

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Russ Vought, President and Founder of  Center for American Restoration. Highly respected former Trump Cabinet member and head of the OMB, Russ Vought left the White House and founded a new D.C. based organization, Center for American Restoration, designed to help America move forward and maintain the mission of restoring America. He brings a depth of understanding about policy development and America, and a great familiarity with how to work effectively in DC.
Texas State Senator Bob Hall, GOP, Dst 2.  Senator Hall, among the most widely respected conservative senators in Texas, spells out the many ways legislators in Texas (and in every state!) can improve election integrity. His upcoming legislative bill will directly address the numerous avenues available to strengthen America’s election process. For everyone concerned about HOW to fix the problem of election fraud and voter fraud, this interview provides specific and effective answers.
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This is currently the BEST and most thorough description of the events surrounding the 2020 elections.

Patrick Byrne’s blog is

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