Show Highlights – Week of March 1, 2021

Show Highlights – Week of March 1, 2021

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First up, here are the highlights from this past week:


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Monday March 1st, 2021

Tuesday March 2nd, 2021

Wednesday March 3rd, 2021

Thursday March 4th, 2021


Top News & My Commentary:


Trump @ CPAC

Labyrinth of Leftist Lies

America Rattled and What to do about it

Equality Act & Senator Rand Paul

Unmasking Texas and Mississippi BUT ….

Border Abandonment Backfire

BLM & Antifa STILL Rioting – WHY?



Gordon Chang,  China Expert and Author, joined me to talk about how America’s foreign policy regarding China changed after Biden assumed office,  the demands China’s foreign minister made to the Biden administration, and the reasons America must respond to  China’s aggressive and expansionist actions. Very informative interview.


Dr. Richard Bartlett & TX State Senator Bob Hall 

Dr. Bartlett rejoined me on ACWT to talk about the excellent news that an Oxford double-blind study showed budesonide to be 90%+ effective in treating Covid patients. MANY lives could have been saved.

Texas State Senator Bob Hall shared great insights about why the deadly repression of effective Covid therapies continued for so long, and on what must happen legislatively and in society to protect citizens’ inherent right to healthcare freedom, as well as doctors’ rights to practice medicine uninhibited by unjustified government interference.


Craig Sawyer , former Navy Seal, founded Veterans For Child Rescue (V4CR), that employs top notch, trained operatives who use their skills to track down child sex-traffickers.


Blog Posts this week:

A 2021 Hybrid Paul Revere?

Updated: The Fraud on America Will Not Hold


MUST remind you again, if you have not, to check out the ongoing blog postings by Patrick Byrne about what happened inside the effort to pursue election integrity in 2020, including his recounting of meetings with President Trump.KEEP AN EYE ON PATRICK BYRNE’S CHRONICLE OF HOW TRUMP LOST HIS PRESIDENCY


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