Terminate Mueller – Updated

Terminate Mueller – Updated

Update:  We would not change a word of the June 13 post below; the passage of time since then has only confirmed our sense of where this has been headed from the beginning.  But two recent posts deserve attention:  Kurt Schlicter’s latest on how to set the stage for Mueller’s termination (it is serious and savvy), and an editorial from the Investor’s Business Daily, well known for plainspoken common sense.

The radical left will invoke ‘constitutional crisis’ and assorted hysteria if and when Trump terminates Mueller, but a solid majority of the heartland of America will be standing and cheering just like Boy Scouts at a Jamboree.  As liberal-turned-conservative columnist Evan Sayet recently concluded about Trump (borrowing from Abraham Lincoln), “I cannot spare this man; he fights.”


James Comey’s post-firing actions, including his specially crafted pre-hearing statement and carefully crafted testimony to the Senate Intelligence committee, revealed the machinations of the Swamp that the American people so want to be drained.

In the light of Comey’s actions, the appointment of Robert Mueller as a special counsel to ‘investigate’ the Trump/Russia collusion narrative is just one more act in the Swamp, by the Swamp and for the Swamp.  President Trump should terminate Mueller’s appointment immediately, and move on with the agenda the American people elected him to pursue.

GOP leadership ought to close ranks behind Trump, agree to cancel their August recess, and enact that agenda.  There is no time to waste.

Yes, of course, the MSM/leftists/Democrats will be hysterical once again, but so what?  They are hysterical about Trump as President, and they will remain hysterical until Trump is out of office, either by an assassination that they are openly egging on, an impeachment that they are openly encouraging, a resignation that they fervently hope for, or an election of a leftist in 2020.

Comey’s testimony made clear there is nothing to the Trump/Russia collusion theory; even Chris Matthews acknowledged that fact.  But no matter; the issue now is obstruction of justice.  But if this issue were definitively dismissed by Robert Mueller (as it already has been by noted liberal Alan Dershowitz), that would not matter, either.  The issue would be something else.

Trump’s lack of an ideological core prevents him from understanding the hatred of America that drives the left’s hatred of him as the interrupter of the ‘fundamental transformation’ of America that the left is hell-bent to implement.

Trump keeps thinking there are honorable and honest people in the Swamp.  As Comey himself noted, Trump was encouraging the FBI’s investigation of Trump’s ‘satellites’, because Trump wanted to know if any of them had done anything wrong vis-a-vis Russia or anything else.  As if the FBI was there to help Trump.

Trump apparently fails to grasp that there never has been and never will be any purpose to the Russian investigation except to drive Trump from office.  Comey admitted that he advised Trump three times that Trump was not under investigation–which means the FBI never found anything in all of its NSA and other surveillance that formed a basis for suspicion of wrongful behavior by Trump–yet Comey also admitted he purposely leaked his own memos of conversations with Trump to the media in order to exert pressure for an appointment of a special counsel to further investigate something for which ten months of investigation had turned up nothing.

And who better to do it than James Comey’s good buddy/wingman/card-carrying Beltway elitist Robert Mueller.

In the very best case for Trump, Mueller will keep the investigation alive through the 2018 midterms in order to help Democrats; leaks filled with anti-Trump innuendo will continue to proliferate; and at the end Mueller might conclude the evidence is not clear enough to recommend criminal charges.  But he will under no circumstances issue an unequivocal ‘acquittal’ or vindication of Trump.  It’s just the way the Swamp is guaranteed to operate.

This is disgusting; it is Machiavellian; it is the modus operandi of an arrogant and deceitful elite who believe it is their right and within their authority to overrule the will of the American people as expressed in an election.  It is why the American people are growing increasingly enraged at the spectacle of lies and hypocrisy that is the DC Beltway.

Gentle persuasion will not stop this hijacking of America.  Reaching out in a spirit of bipartisanship is naive to the point of idiocy.  Beneath the surface of the Swamp, the George Soros’ funded leftist agenda is warlike in its focus and intent, and will only be defeated when it is recognized and opposed as such.

That means decisive actions are needed.  First up:  terminate Robert Mueller, immediately.

Paul Gable