The Call to Mike Pence

The Call to Mike Pence

Former Vice President Mike Pence has been struggling to regain political relevance in the aftermath of his January 2021 decision to allow the 2020 election results to stand.   He’s formed a PAC and makes speeches wrapped in the flag and filled with patriotic platitudes.

We can reluctantly but reasonably give Mike Pence a pass for his January 2021 decision.  He had strong advisor voices arguing both sides; he faced a legacy media teed up to trigger unknown levels of protest and violence if he didn’t go along with getting rid of Trump; and even though there was overwhelming common sense proof of election fraud, there arguably wasn’t enough ‘hard’ evidence of election fraud at the time and even Attorney General Barr—at one time viewed as an honorable man—said whatever fraud there was, wasn’t outcome-changing.

But what Mike Pence and the GOP and an entire cottage industry of conservative think tanks and PACs and RINO’s do not get a pass for is his and their public positions on 2020 election fraud NOW.

Proof of outcome-changing election fraud is overwhelming, irrefutable and growing each day (and that’s before the release of Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules).    And the stolen election has led directly to the imposition of an outright destroy America agenda that arrogantly and even violently defies the will of the American people.  Stop energy production; deplete strategic petroleum reserves; open the border; and extend the pandemic nightmare in every way possible when the volume of serious questions about every aspect of it—from origin to testing to diagnosis to treatment to vaccine content—is proliferating like wildfire…these are not matters of policy differences.  These are intended as deathblows to America’s well-being and to its Constitutional foundation.  And that’s before the moral desecration of the left’s CRT and its determination to have schools engage in the sexual grooming of children…all brought to America by a leftist cabal installed against the wishes of the American people.

The stolen 2020 election delivered the levers of power to enemies of America who had deceived the American people as to their agenda and intentions, and now the proof of the steal (and the proof of the deception) is in.  The identity and culpability of the various fraud ringleaders and henchmen is still being developed, but that incompleteness as to the list of perpetrators and accessories to the crime is actually irrelevant to the determination of whether the election was stolen.  That determination has been made, and everyone paying attention knows it.

So Mike, there’s no basis for saying ‘we just don’t know for sure whether the election was stolen’.   And it’s preposterously out of touch to think you can just ignore the subject.

The positions left to you and your cabal are:  ‘time to move on’ or ‘it was all for the best’.  More specifically, here are the basic choices of an honest man of your leadership credentials today:

  1. Yes, the election was stolen, but it’s water under the bridge; we can’t undo it because that would be too unsettling to American society.


  1. Yes, the election was stolen, but that’s because Donald Trump was such a bad man that elite people opposed to him (from both parties) resorted to means they would never be motivated to use again, so the American people can be content and comfortable it won’t happen again. The 2020 election result was right for America; the irregularities just need a legislative band-aid or two for the future, and the American people will be satisfied.




  1. Yes, the election was stolen; it involved massive fraud against the American people in that Donald Trump won a landslide of historic proportions.  The reversal of Trump’s landslide simply cannot be sanctioned and upheld by a righteous nation that expects to remain at peace; and all responsible leaders must acknowledge this truth and do everything possible to rectify it—i.e., to ‘return the diamonds’.


Which is it going to be?

And while you’re thinking about it, as to Option #1, consider the possibility that reversing a massively fraudulent presidential election is the least unsettling action for American society.  Stated another way, it is the refusal of the ruling class, including legacy media, to acknowledge the fraud and its enabling of a destroy America war plan, that is bringing American society to the brink of either collapse or violent conflict.  The ruling class is demanding the American people live by outrageous and obvious lies and lawlessness, and law and order in America is disintegrating as a result.

As to Option #2, consider also the reality that positing Donald Trump as the worst man to occupy the White House is laughable to anyone who has studied the character of past presidents; and the corollary of positing Joe and Hunter Biden as morally superior to Trump is past laughable into the realm of complete moral idiocy.  There are abundant reasons to believe the CCP owns the Biden family and is dictating the Biden agenda to destroy America.  And Trump (and the booming era of Trump’s presidency for all Americans) is worse because why?

It is a testament to the tragic influence of the Beltway bubble that Mike Pence apparently believes he can have a political future by defending his January 6th decision while ignoring everything that has come to light since then.

He can’t and won’t.  But apparently there are enough RINO donors in the Beltway bubble to make him believe he is politically viable.  He can be viable, if he steps up to Option #3.

That’s the higher calling, Mike.  Can you hear it?  Will you answer it?