Time to Overthrow the Covid Tyranny

Time to Overthrow the Covid Tyranny



  • Spikes in ‘cases’ in the US are related to higher testing volumes and even more related to border crossings by sick people seeking treatment in the US. The data on cases in counties bordering the southern border dwarfs the data in counties away from the border[1].

But much more disturbingly, spikes in cases appear to be driven by officialdom redefining symptoms into ‘cases’. Watch here, and review here. Health ‘authorities’ are going out of their way to define cases more broadly. Why?  Just being careful, right?  But why aren’t they telling the public how their changed methods are causing dramatic increases in ‘cases’? Cui bono?


  • Hydroxychloroquine (HCL) and budesonide (asthma medicine/inhaled steroids) are showing demonstrated efficacy with real doctors and real covid patients in real time. The results are documented; they are voluminous (look up stunningly low covid death numbers in Taiwan, Japan and Singapore, where the inhaled steroid treatments are apparently being widely used). These treatments are readily available; they are not expensive; they shoutthere is no need for a vaccine” and “there is no need to keep the public paralyzed by fear”. Yet American government/public health authorities, at every level, silence these messages. Why? Cui bono?


  • There is no science disputing these efficacious results, but there have been rushed-to-publication, falsified studies seeking to discredit HCL in particular. Why? Cui bono?


  • The mandatory-mask-as-prophylactic theme has every politician saluting it but next to ZERO science behind it. There’s a vague kindergarten notion that a mask assures you’ll cover your cough, and surely that will help. And it’s easy to weave a kindergarten notion into a computer model that projects how many lives would be saved IF it worked, and presto! ‘science’ has proved masks are effective. And yes, the ever-reliable Lancet magazine just published an oh-so-timely ‘peer-reviewed study!’ supporting masks and social distancing, much like the oh-so-timely study that ‘proved’ HCL was ineffective.


  • But where’s the data that shows that one or more weeks of wearing masks caused infection rates to fall in specific geographic region “X”? There isn’t any.



  • The Democrat Party and their MSM propaganda arm are running an old man for President who is plainly suffering from dementia and lack of physical stamina. Public visibility and the rigor of public campaigning are anathema to his prospects. But pandemic-driven orders to stay home and wear masks fit rather perfectly as a reason to keep him at home.


  • Pandemic-driven orders to stay home and wear masks and socially distance also fit rather perfectly with suppressing President Trump’s campaign rallies and generally vigorous campaigning style.


  • And most important of all, the pull-back of economic re-opening caused by panic over a spike in ‘cases’ is putting the economy back on life support, in time to generate bad economic news leading up to the November election.


Sorry, folks, there are no coincidences. But there are too many ‘mistakes’; too many lies. Too many dictates based on fear, not science. Too many inexplicable behaviors of those who are supposed to be acting in good faith in support of public health. Too much decision-making that defaults to the be-all and end-all of a mandatory vaccine. Too many benefits to a rabid left and Deep State and MSM that has no living purpose other than to get rid of Donald Trump, whether by a cratering pre-November economy, paid-for rioting, or pandemic fear-mongering.

It’s just too much to accept as honest or legitimate. The main influence holding this up is Anthony Fauci, through his daily weathervane musings about worst-case hypothetical scenarios—musings that are being allowed to govern the entire country as if we don’t know anything else.

The whole scene feels gamed; it reeks of pure politics and orchestrated manipulation of the American people. It calls for an all-American uprising–how about in the name of ‘divine Providence’?–to overthrow the entire institutional and individual structure that has created and perpetuated this scene.

The American people need a rekindling of the 4th of July spirit. Americans are not ruled by tyrants and dictators. Americans never consented to giving any elected official authority over their freedom to live their lives for two days, much less two weeks, much less nearly four months.

Americans regret deaths from any disease; they support efforts to find preventative and therapeutic cures; and they will voluntarily do their part to minimize the threat of any disease in common sense ways suggested by honest, agenda-free experts. That’s because Americans are decent people who have the good fortune to live where they also have the God-given and Constitutional right to live as free people taking responsibility for their lives.

But Governors like Newsom and Cuomo and Ducey and Abbott—yes, Ducey and Abbott are so-called Republicans—seem to be issuing lockdown decrees because they can; because they relish being the focal point of power and an assumed fount of wisdom and compassion; because they think the media will backstop them; and because they think they can keep enough of the electorate too scared to question them. They are treating people like ignorant serf children, not free adult citizens.

When American elected officials do not fear the people, they become un-American elected officials. (And let’s hope they soon become un-elected officials.)

It’s time they learned what mass civil disobedience looks like; it’s time they are made to fear the people more than they fear a spike in coronavirus ‘cases’.

It’s time for Americans to go to the beach; to take their summer vacations; to open their restaurants and other businesses; to plan for school to be in session and football to be played.

It’s time for everyone to break the unconstitutional, unjust, unscientific, political, fear pandemic scam that has nothing to do with protecting health but everything to do with enlarging, exercising and protecting political power.

It’s time to make the Governors go to their law enforcement agencies to tell them to arrest everybody for violating their orders, and it’s time for those law enforcement agencies to tell the Governors to pound sand—to tell them they are not going to lift a finger against anybody.

In the land of the free and the home of the brave, government can provide information, and experts of all kinds can give free voice to their opinions. May the best be heard and be persuasive.  Government can even strongly recommend certain actions, including wearing masks. But four months into whatever non-plague this is, governors and others have no business and no constitutional authority to unilaterally order American citizens to do or not do anything.   The tyrannical overreach needs to end.

Remember the 4th of July!

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?

[1] Cases per 100k residents as of June 29: High population non-border counties: Maricopa County, AZ: 961, Los Angeles County, CA: 944, Santa Clara County, CA: 206; border counties: Yuma County, AZ: 2,678, Santa Cruz County, AZ: 3,556, Imperial County, CA: 3,322

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  • Daniel McStrong
    Posted at 21:15h, 03 July Reply

    Magical Fantastical of Merlin the Wizard

    Diverting traffic in a major city does not stop the traffic; it prolongs it, still, all those driving must get home or to their detestation!

    What is a pandemic? Is it something mankind can stop? That is not a trick question? If it is a “pandemic” by definition, it means mankind can’t stop it or it would not be a pandemic!

    So does diverting the pandemic stop the pandemic or make it last longer? Once again, not a trick question?

    Does quarantining a whole nation kill the covid19 or prolong it? How many low income people have grandparents helping them raise their children, do you know? Quarantine those family to home who at the greatest risk?
    Can humans prevent the common cold? No, haven’t yet! Why do we not shut down the entire world over the common cold? Well, some people actually do die from colds that compromise their immune system causing other complication that sometimes leads to death. Can you tell me how many people died from the common cold each year? Do you care?

    No we don’t, it just another thing we live with and go on with life.

    OK, here is another one, if every person on the planet earth caught COVID19 how many would die, what is the percentage?

    If I state the facts, then you say I have an agenda, but I don’t have one but truth. The truth is, well, look it up, it would be a very small percentage of the population of the world would die.

    So is the pandemic the virus, or the amount of death it causes? Then, why is it that the news focus on the death numbers, like votes for an election that we eagerly follow on social media?

    Can masks stop the virus, or divert it? How many deaths have mask save us from? What about those that caught the virus; were they wearing mask, were they staying at home and social distancing? Why haven’t we talked about those numbers. Well, perhaps, we don’t like being confused by the facts, who knows?

    Are there any numbers or scientific facts that masks stop the virus or prevent it or have they prolonged it? Do we even have any facts that wearing a mask keeps others from catching it, honestly?

    Next question? What is a flu shot? Is a flu shot a vaccination that kills the flu virus? Well, sadly, we have a number of people that are very angry right now that do not understand what a flu shot is, or what it does? I not making this up, just ask most people and you will be shockingly surprised?

    What a flu shot does is put some of the flu virus in us so that our immune system creates it own cells to protect us, so when we are exposed, we have the power to stop the flu. But now listen, very carefully,  it does not kill the flu virus it stops it in our own body not someone else body no matter if we are wearing a mask or not.

    Next question, are Doctors, always right? When have Doctors ever been right? Do we now live in a bubble of Merlin the magical wizard? Where doctors are all knowing, and all-seeing gods without question. Do we think doctors are free of politics and career ambitious; pure as wind driven snow only wanting to save the world!

    Just study the million arguments over coffee in the last 40-years and the questions will answer itself. And If you’re not satisfied with that then pick whatever subject you want and you will find the same story when it comes to expert opinions!

    Here is the truth none of us want to face, the problem with the truth is; truth always becomes reality with us or without us.

    The truth is that we only have two choices. 1.) is, if science comes up with a vaccine for COVID19—killing it dead, but science has never created a vaccination for a virus not even AIDS, and

    2.) the world gets infected with COVID19, and builds up herd immunity the same-thing a flu shot helps to speed up that process completing it faster.

    “Diverting”, is prolonging the inevitable truth one way or another. If those in power want to keep this thing going for years they will keep enforcing the detour signs, instead of the truth, the wizardry magical fantastical detour sign killing the city for lack of traffic.

    When it all over the question remains. why did we destroy our country over wizardry magical fantastical our own lives, and our families future, when we have no proof we saved one single life by the “detour signs” which is now new idol to worship at!

    What we are left with is political rhetoric that wants to get their grubby fingers on COVID19 funding for their State, the trillions of dollars slush fund that requires each state to enforce the detour signs, rather than facing the inevitable truth.

    Let us remember all that traffic must get home it may take years at great cost, but I don’t believe they really care in the first place its just politics, right? Politicians care little more than they every have and unfortunately we’ve have all fooled ourselves into not facing the truth, while the politicians feed us what we needed not to face the truth.

    Yes, its true and those same politician’s are very rich and happy prostitutes that gave us cheap love at the cost of our jobs, ruining our economy, and the future of our families; while we slept around rolling in unreality being unfaithful to ourselves and our neighbor while they sold out our country to terrorist!

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