A Must Read: The Coming Coup

A Must Read: The Coming Coup

Michael Anton has done the American people a great service:  read his piece at the American Mind–“The Coming Coup“.

Anton is spot on in flushing out the machinations of the mind manipulation scheme being run STILL by America’s Deep State against President Trump.  They are conditioning the American mind to begrudgingly give away the landslide re-election Trump will have received, all for the sake of keeping the peace in the country they love.

Anton’s warning signals the kind of awareness that will foil George Soros and his master plans.  Alert Americans will not stand by and allow this elitist coup.  They know their rightful and righteous heritage; they know the radical left’s screaming is noisy but empty because devoid of truth.  The American people will rise to protect and preserve their country against this monstrous evil.  They will defeat it.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?

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