Red Wave Comin’

Red Wave Comin’

For all the 24/7 noise of the MSM leftwing propaganda machine, there’s a quiet but growing sense that America is going to ride a red wave toward mending itself in November.  And there are real reasons for it.  Here are a few.

  1. The reality of a fading, low-lethality virus can’t be hidden forever, and is dawning on more and more Americans—with the corollary feeling: let’s get back to living in America, and to hell with elected officials who say we can’t.

Whether because of effective treatments such as hydroxychloroquine or budesonide, or the natural cycle of virus-spreading + antibodies building + herd immunity being achieved, the numbers do not justify continued panic or even heightened fear.  The MSM’s relentless pursuit of hysteria-via-anecdote feels more and more like ‘the boy who cried wolf’.  There just isn’t a wolf.

The entire country of Sweden has emerged as an example of a more calm and mature reaction to the coronavirus, with no lockdowns of any kind, irrefutable data now showing the virus is essentially gone, and a ‘death chart’ that shows the Swedish experience with Covid-19 to be very consistent with the common profile of viruses over decades and decades of human experience.

Dr. Scott Atlas of Stanford University has now been appointed by President Trump to the Coronavirus Task Force—which is the long, long, long overdue analog to the patient named “America” ‘getting a second opinion’ from somebody besides Anthony Fauci.  Atlas probably has no idea of the pressure cauldron he has agreed to subject himself to, and only time will tell whether he is made of the stuff that can stand up to the ‘trillions of dollars at stake’ Big Pharma vaccine mandate.

Just the fact that President Trump saw fit to bring Atlas on board signals that Fauci-fatigue is starting to wear on Trump.  That’s a good thing.

History is not going to be kind to Dr. Fauci.  It remains to be seen whether Fauci’s behavior represented calculated, premeditated manipulation of the American people through the vehicle of pandemic fear, or whether he’s an honest ‘expert’ who erred on the side of way too much caution.  But the fact is Fauci has frightened millions of Americans into being paranoid, reclusive Karens and other mask-Nazis, and his counsel to shut down the American economy is responsible for economic and physical harm on a scale that far outweighs harm from the disease itself.

Fauci’s relentless putdown of HCQ in the face of tens of thousands of successful treatments around the world just isn’t the behavior of someone whose top priority is to see the pandemic end as quickly as possible.  His top priority seems to be to stretch his global and national prominence and influence for as long as he can, while engineering an end to the pandemic in the way he wants it to end, which is via a vaccine in which he has a personal or financial interest, or both.

Take all of this together, and even allowing for the possibility that Trump could and should have handled this better, the American people see Trump as someone who wants to end the pandemic and fully reopen the economy.  They see the Democrats as willfully extending the pandemic to exercise control over people.  Big advantage:  Trump.

  1. America is a Football Nation, and the shutdown of college and likely NFL football is stirring a major resentment that no poll will ever capture, but which utterly and completely favors the leadership voices who love football and are tired of living in ‘one nation (forever) under covid’.

The No. 1 voice who benefits from this resentment is Donald J. Trump, and by association, those with an ‘R’ by their names.  Because the Democrats—in the form of Governors Newsom, Cuomo and Whitmer—stand resolutely for continued pandemic fear and hyper-caution.  Americans are weary of this.  In the face of a pandemic that the data says is (1) over, and (2) was never shown to be even remotely lethal to people in the prime of athletic life (ages 18-35), there is just a common sense revulsion to Fauci/Birx and other ninnies who keep raising new angles to worry about, while going for the jugular of the American patriot culture—killing football in the fall.

The Football Nation will vote overwhelmingly for President Trump.

  1. Kamala Harris is a gift to President Trump’s reelection.

Harris’ VP appointment exemplifies box-checking identity politics (though her Jamaican father and Indian mother hardly make her an “African”-American).  Her appointment represents the worst of Biden’s non-gaffe belief that all black people think alike—‘blacks will vote for me because she’s black’.  Biden and his advisory bubble could not be more wrong in embracing these attitudes.

The fact is Harris completely bombed as a Presidential candidate among primary-voting Democrats.  She never secured the label of likableMuch more importantly, people of all skin colors know Harris’ slept-her-way-to-the-top story, and people of all skin colors are turned off by it.

Trump is well on his way to 20% (and probably much more than 20%) of the black vote—which is going to place Trump’s victory margin above the margin of cheating.  Down ballot “R’s” are going to benefit, too.

  1. Riots are not peaceful protests; everybody knows this; and nobody—except the rioters, though probably not actually very many of them—wants to live with such anarchy.

The left obviously believes they can make the case that the riots are caused by Donald Trump and will go away if Trump loses, but they mistimed their riots.  They should have waited until closer to the election.  But the more time that passes, and the more Portland and Seattle and Chicago descend into city-wide mob violence and destruction with no purpose or objective besides city-wide mob violence and destruction, the more the lie is exposed.

Not one Democrat will denounce the riots; it’s not believable that riots will lessen under the control of those who will not condemn them.  The riots will only go away if the American people insist on traditional law and order—and the way to do that is to massively turnout and vote for Trump’s re-election.

  1. ObamaGate is real and unaddressed and a direct Deep State treasonous criminal attack on the man Americans chose as their President.

The sad reality is that the Beltway ruling class of both parties were in on the treason and helped push it along, and are to this day frustrating efforts to get to the bottom of what happened.  Millions of Trump’s supporters know all of this, and feel a fierce and growing anger at the lack of accountability from America’s ‘justice’ system.  AG Barr may or may not have the spine to do what needs to be done, but this situation is a pro-Trump vote-motivator the likes of which have never before been seen or felt in American politics.  “The corrupt ruling class tried to destroy our guy—we will NOT forgive or forget.”  The MSM and the Beltway ruling class haven’t got a clue about this; they do not see it coming.


Lots will happen between now and November 3rd.  And the Soros-funded radical left/MSM/Democrat Party will be rabid and conscience-free when it comes to deploying tactics for demoralizing Trump supporters, stirring the leftist base, and stealing the election.  But the red wave that’s building from the factors listed above is not going away; it’s going to grow.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?