As our friends at American Thinker recently noted here, the legal winds are shifting against websites that advocate conservative values, seeking, among other things, to make the site operators responsible for what commenters write. The commenting function at ACWT has not been especially active, though many of the comments are clearly heartfelt. Our preference would be to allow the comment function to blossom into a forum or community for the exchange of views. But until America more firmly renews its commitment to the rule of law, we will disable the comment function until further notice.

ACWT Statements

Krista Branch – “I Am America”

Few talk show theme songs match as perfectly with talk show content as Krista Branch’s “I Am America” and America, Can We Talk?  Check out the song and the lyrics below, and see if you agree— ____________________   Pay no attention to the people in the street, Crying out for

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John Eastman – The 2020 Steal, Confirmed

Attorney John Eastman is among the first victims of Biden’s tyrannical DOJ, which is seeking to criminalize all political opposition and disbar attorneys who would dare challenge the regime on any issue.  Think that’s an overstatement?  Eastman represented Trump in the aftermath of the 2020 election, and the radical left

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Evan Sayet – Exposing Militant Atheism…with a Laugh

Evan Sayet grew up in New York; made his way to Hollywood primarily through his comedic/writing talents–including a stint as a writer for the Bill Maher Show–and cared little about politics or his Jewish background until he started to feel uncomfortable with the mean-spirited nature of anti-Christian humor and mockery. 

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Sam Faddis – Joe Prepares to Surrender to Beijing

The potential surrender of American sovereignty to the WHO has been a hot topic at America, Can We Talk?  Watch this interview with national security expert Frank Gaffney for a thorough and informative discussion.  Now our friend and former CIA operative Sam Faddis addresses the subject based on his long-held

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Naomi Wolf – US Campus Chaos: A New Oct 7 on the Way?

Naomi Wolf is an awakened former liberal…let’s hope she’s not prescient but is instead yet another of today’s Paul Reveres. Are the campus protests of 2024 part of a war plan? Excerpt: This is an attack on America, and on its most precious institutions, and on the consciousness of its

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Emerald Robinson – Here Come The Pre-Planned Riots of 2024!

Emerald Robinson embodies hope for America.  She’s not fooled and will not be played by anyone’s psyops.  And her ranks are growing. America and Americans do not support barbaric terrorists.  The ‘pro-Palestinian’ protests do not have the air of authenticity…because they are not authentic.  Facts have a way of getting

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