As our friends at American Thinker recently noted here, the legal winds are shifting against websites that advocate conservative values, seeking, among other things, to make the site operators responsible for what commenters write. The commenting function at ACWT has not been especially active, though many of the comments are clearly heartfelt. Our preference would be to allow the comment function to blossom into a forum or community for the exchange of views. But until America more firmly renews its commitment to the rule of law, we will disable the comment function until further notice.

ACWT Statements

Candace Owens – ‘Why fund that research?’

Reading through Fauci’s experiments and the one I find most alarming is the use of an acid to destroy a region of monkeys’ brains to magnify terror. They then simulated images of spiders and tormented them with fear. Human DNA is 97% identical to apes. Why fund that research? @CandaceOwens

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Takin’ it to the Streets [Updated]

Winston Churchill famously noted that the American people can be counted on to do the right thing…after exhausting every other possibility.  Which is to say, the American people take a long while to get fully stirred–and it can be awfully frustrating while awaiting the American people’s full and final resolve.

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My Very Fine Friends,   Over this last week on my AmericaCanWeTalk show I have been sharing with you each of the completely stellar thought leaders and experts who spoke at our AmericaCanWeTalk Second Annual Women for Freedom Summit in September.  I hope you are enjoying their Summit remarks, and hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the Summit speeches this coming week.  On Monday October

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Tal Bachman – What Do People Believe to be “Science”?

Mr. Bachman’s multipart series is officially titled “We have met the enemy”,  and not all parts have been as good as the last few. A few excerpts: Wokist scientism, imposed by force, is a nightmare. It leaves me wondering how exactly the contemporary, cynical Wokist manipulation of science is any better

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Roger Kimball – The January 6th Insurrection Hoax

Hillsdale College’s Imprimis publication has a long and distinguished history of presenting intelligent commentary on the burning issues of the day.  This piece from Roger Kimball adds to that history… ___________________ The January 6 Insurrection Hoax By Roger Kimball The following is adapted from a lecture delivered at Hillsdale College

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America’s Survival Soon to be in SCOTUS’ Hands

Sometime before Thanksgiving SCOTUS is going to be presented with an all-time, gut-check, character test.  It will be a quo warranto petition, that effectively asks the Supreme Court to act with its enormous equitable powers to rectify the worst wrong ever done to this country:  the brazen, criminal theft of

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