As our friends at American Thinker recently noted here, the legal winds are shifting against websites that advocate conservative values, seeking, among other things, to make the site operators responsible for what commenters write. The commenting function at ACWT has not been especially active, though many of the comments are clearly heartfelt. Our preference would be to allow the comment function to blossom into a forum or community for the exchange of views. But until America more firmly renews its commitment to the rule of law, we will disable the comment function until further notice.

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Show Links – The September 14th Show

Newsom Recall Vote:  Elder Rising Over 300 California Recall Election Ballots Found in Passed Out Man’s Car Column: Larry Elder is the Black face of white supremacy. You’ve been warned Republican recall frontrunner Larry Elder called ‘Black face of white supremacy’   Dr. Alveda King joins me Alveda King Announces the

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Mark Steyn: “Bush Re-Enters the Room”

It’s difficult for many of us living in the Lone Star state to come to grips with who and what George W. Bush has over time revealed himself to be, but Mark Steyn helps in the post below.    Bush leaves no doubt:  America’s peril is a product of the

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CTH – ‘The Ethics of Forced Employment Vaccination by Dr. Julie Ponesse’

Not sure where Sundance at Conservative Treehouse finds these gems, but grateful that he consistently does. Her five-minute video below movingly demonstrates what a genuine voice of conscience sounds like.  She’s not about the shallowness of ‘pro-vaxx’ or ‘anti-vaxx’ medical arguments; she’s about ethics and morals; about freedom and slavery.

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Mark Steyn – “The Years We Wasted”

Mark Steyn has always been especially clear-eyed on the threat of Islam to western civilization.  His writings on September 11, 2021 (today) and on September 11’s of years past, are always deeply thoughtful. Many readers may prefer not to believe what Steyn has to say, but as the saying goes,

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The Arizona Canvassing Report – The Great Unraveling is Underway

Liz Harris’ volunteer canvassing group in Arizona has produced a written report of their results.  As summarized by Patrick Byrne’s America Project: To be clear, Ms. Harris group reportedly knocked on around 11,000 doors, and of those, approximately 4,600 doors were opened and the people inside responded to the canvasser’s

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My Very Fine Friends,        My AmericaCanWeTalk show is all about preserving our unique and extraordinary country.  While we are not presently under military attack by a foreign power,  America is nonetheless under severe attack. We are facing existential threats to the very foundational promise of human liberty upon which America was created, and

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