Emerald Robinson – On Fox’s Firing of Tucker Carslon

Emerald Robinson – On Fox’s Firing of Tucker Carslon

Emerald Robinson is an American journalist in the highest and best sense of that term.   She is tough and fearless.  And, as night follow day, she is HATED by the ruling class and leftists everywhere.

Her latest post draws attention to the specific Tucker Carlson monologue that never aired but (according to her) got him fired by Fox.  So read it yourself.

There are some hard truths slowly breaking through the media trance and into full awareness by the American people.  The 2020 election was brazenly stolen (see Dr. Douglas Frank, 2000 Mules, mail-in ballot analysis and ‘ungaslit’ common sense), and elements of the federal government were deeply involved in engineering that steal (just one example: remember the 51 ‘intelligence officials’ who lied about Hunter’s laptop as Russian disinformation).  The J6 ‘insurrection’ narrative and entrapment scheme (who was the J6 pipe bomber?) was concocted by elements of the federal government in part to assure immediate certification of the steal and in part to leverage the term ‘insurrection’ into a means of disqualifying Trump from ever again running for office.

The emergence of truth as it topples grotesque lies is not pleasant.  But it also can’t be stopped.  Hold on…truth is freeing.


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