“He is Causing Riots Against the Government”

“He is Causing Riots Against the Government”

Sound familiar? …like just about every other headline since January 6, 2021?

Or never mind the headlines, isn’t this the conclusion of just about every editorial board or think tank (of every political stripe) in the current competition to be the most wise and eloquent in their denunciation of Donald Trump as the source of everything wrong in America and the world, and their call for his resignation or exile or even execution as the remedy for all ills?

Well, actually, the title quote is from the Bible[1].  A more familiar formulation might be from the King James Version:  “he stirreth up the people”.  And of course, it refers to Jesus, and the reasoning of the ruling class and its mob that demanded his crucifixion.

Donald Trump is NOT the second coming of Jesus; that’s an utterly preposterous notion.

But Donald Trump, as glaringly imperfect a messenger as he is, voiced a message of “America First” that, whether or not even he fully understands why, has deeply resonated with the American people.

“America First” resonates with the American people because it affirms a feeling in their hearts that God, truth and freedom are all related, and they are all profoundly ‘in the mix’ of the revolution that created the United States of America.   That revolution established ‘we the people’ as sovereign; eliminated the idea of hierarchy or nobility or monarchy as a governing concept; and accomplished the one and only real ‘great reset’ in the history of collective governance:

The relationship of the people to their leaders was, for the first time ever, reset so as to be made structurally subordinate to the relationship of individual people to their Creator.  This was and is radical, revolutionary.  It was and is rightly understood as exceptional.

Ruling classes in almost every era, especially the most atheistic among them, have not only detested the idea that their authority is subordinate to anyone or anything, but they instinctively move to crush that idea whenever it seems to be a personified threat.

The Jewish people, or ‘children of Israel’, are by their very origin and continued existence the personification of the idea that human authority is subordinate to God and God’s laws.   And ruling classes have pretty consistently hated them for it for as long as the Jewish people have existed.  Haman was an ancient example from the Bible’s book of Esther; Hitler is more modern.  But wherever one finds proud godlessness—e.g., today’s radical left—one is almost certain to find virulent anti-Semitism.

But back to the title quote and Donald Trump.

The Swamp has transparently been threatened by the presidency of Donald Trump, and may think it can accomplish its mission to destroy Trump and his ‘followers’ by spinning the tale that Trump is a wildly dangerous, out-of-bounds demagogue and his followers are cultish, fanatical, even violent fools.   (The evidence that the Capitol Hill violence was a planned operation by opponents of Trump continues to mount.)  The left may even fantasize about a perp walk and an execution that will clearly bring this ‘pestilent fellow’[2] to an end.   (Kind of like the way the crucifixion of Jesus put an end to his followers for all time, or the way the ruling class attacks on Paul nullified his influence…not).

But if the parallel to the Bible holds, whether they acknowledge it or not, what the leftist Swamp is really threatened by and lashing out against are the divine ideas that form the foundation of America, and brought to the forefront of humanity the ideas of individual sovereignty, dignity and freedom under God.  The Swamp has been mocking and defying those ideas for decades; their complete disdain for the American people has grown increasingly brazen, to the point of jumping the shark with the covid relief bill.

‘Getting rid of Trump’ in whatever form they might fantasize is not going to get rid of those ideas, nor assuage the American people’s resentment at how the ideas have been brushed aside in defiance of them.

The American people have rallied to America’s ideals since 1776; the very best of them was stirred enough to back those founding ideas with pledges of their lives, fortunes and sacred honor.  Modern society mocks the notion that any such people exist anymore; instead, it claims that we now live in a post-Christian, post-truth world where such pledges would represent vacuous silliness.  But those kinds of people do still exist, and a fairly large segment of them are among the 75M+ that voted for Donald Trump in his landslide re-election.

There are in any case a lot more of them than there are denizens of the Swamp, and they are willing to fight—out of love for America.  That’s a motivation that trumps (no pun intended) the raw lust for power, position and paycheck that drives the Swamp.

The leftist Swamp is not going to win this fight, any more than Haman or Hitler did.  But they seem more determined than ever since January 6, 2021 to go for the kill.  The only question is how much blood and treasure will be spilled and consumed before they are defeated.

It may sound bizarre, but our hope is that the loss of blood and treasure will be minimized as more and more individual denizens of the Swamp wake up to realize they are on the wrong side of the fight–that they don’t want to destroy the idea of America but to turn on and destroy whoever and whatever convinced them to try.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?

[1] Luke 23: 5; the Living Bible translation.

[2] Acts 24: 5; referring to Paul.