Show Highlights – Week of April 12, 2021

Show Highlights – Week of April 12, 2021

Welcome to the AmericaCanWeTalk Show Highlights for the week ending on Friday, April 16th, 2021! 

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Coming up this week:

  • Tuesday, Dr. Peter Breggin who authored COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey,  will talk truth about vaccine passports.
  • And Wednesday, actress, author and radio host Sam Sorbo will join us to talk about her books WORDS FOR WARRIORS: Fight Back Against Crazy Socialists and the Toxic Liberal Left, AND They’re Your Kids: An Inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Home School Advocate.
  • This coming Thursday Members Only show will feature our very special guest Texas State Deputy Attorney General Aaron Reitz, whose Newsweek column From Soft Liberalism to Iron-Fisted Leftism in Today’s U.S. Military inspired national conversation about the impact of President Biden’s dangerous, woke, demoralizing, military policies.

Links to Full Shows from this past week:

Monday April 12th 2021

Tuesday April 13th 2021

Wednesday April 14th 2021

This past week our Thursday Show for Members featured Rafael Cruz.


Links to Top News & My Commentary from this past week:

BLM Marxist Millionaires (starting at minute 1:08 to 12:08)

CEOs Demand Election Fraud (12:10 to 22:02)

Great American Manipulation Exposed (22:03 to end)

AFPI Launches !!!

Qs for Woke Corporate Leaders

CNN Reveals THEIR Trump Agenda

Lawsuits for Religious Freedom

CNN: Get Gaetz & Spread Covid


Links to Interviews from this past week:


Kevin Sorbo, internationally acclaimed actor, director, author and producer joined me to talk his politics, films, books, and life. Very engaging interview with a brave and outspoken conservative Christian who is thriving and succeeding in today’s left-leaning film industry.


Wade Miller, Executive Director, Citizens for Renewing America, joined me to talk about the plans for the new DC-based Center for American Restoration, whose founder Russ Vought recently wrapped up his time in the Trump administration Cabinet  as Director of OMB (Office of Management and Budget).


Blog Posts this week: 

We MUST understand the media manipulation around the January 6th events at the Capitol. Check out “January 6 is the New Russiagate Lie

As the Derek Chauvin trial in Minnesota proceeds, questions are emerging about the role of fentanyl, and whether race played any role in the incident.  “Another Clearer Take on the Derek Chauvin Trial” by Clarice Feldman.

Hunter Biden’s skate away from scrutiny and responsibility, and the willingness of high-level US officials to sign off on the apparently baseless claim that the Hunter laptop story was Russian disinformation, raises questions about our justice system and officials. Kurt Schlichter’s ‘Letting Hunter Biden Off is a Message to Us Peasants’ spells this out.

Daniel Horowitz’s recent column “Why Duante Wright’s Aggravated Assault Charge Matters So Much” lays out facts that must be understood


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